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Clarity enhanced diamonds are real, natural diamonds that have improved or "enhanced" clarity to increase their sparkle and beauty.

Shiree Odiz offers clarity enhanced diamonds loose or clarity enhanced diamonds set in solitaire engagement rings and solitaire engagement rings with accents,

as well as clarity enhanced diamond earrings and clarity enhanced diamond pendants.

All Shiree Odiz clarity enhanced diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

There are two types of procedures that will improve the clarity of a diamond. The first is called laser drilling and the second is called fracture filling (more commonly known as clarity enhancement). Both are considered clarity enhanced diamonds.

All diamonds besides flawless diamonds will have internal characteristics commonly known as inclusions, including black carbon spots, feathers, clouds, bubbles and more.

Laser drilling creates a minute hole in the diamond, allowing for black carbon spots to be cleaned out. This type of enhancement is permanent, which is both an advantage and disadvantage.

On the one hand, the tiny holes, although not visible to the naked eye, will always be in the diamond. On the other hand, the diamond will be clearer for good.

Fracture filling, despite its name, does not mean that the diamond is broken or cracked, rather that the original inclusions are coated with a clear substance to make them invisible to the naked eye.

Diamonds that are filled are cleaned and boiled to remove any dirt and other imperfections, and then they are filled with a microscopic amount of clear material that cloaks the feathers. There are two types of filling used for clarity enhancement.

One using bromide and the other using a silicone based material. The former is the lower quality treatment and can discolor or fade over time. The higher quality treatment can last a lifetime so long as it isn't exposed to extreme heat (over 1500 degrees) or acid.

All Shiree Odiz clarity enhanced diamonds are with the silicone, higher quality clarity enhancement filling and come with a lifetime guarantee.


Why buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

This decision should be your own, based on the information you have at hand. Many companies will offer both enhanced and non-enhanced diamonds, with non-enhanced diamonds of course being more expensive.

The big difference in the price starts with 3/4 carat diamonds and is more significant with 1 carat diamonds and above, where prices can be anything from 2 times the price and more for the same grade (or "look").

Note that CE diamonds are graded after the enhancement, so it is sometimes difficult to see what the original grading will have been. With smaller diamonds, from 1/4 to 1/2 carat weight, the prices are closer with the mid and lower ranges and differ more with the high quality ranges.

One of the most common questions about clarity enhanced diamonds is about their value. Clarity enhanced diamonds are worth no less, and usually more, than the 100% natural diamond that its original grading represents.

Therefore, a natural SI2 diamond that was clarity enhanced to SI1 will still be worth the same as the SI2 diamond, or more.

If at any time you decide you would like a 100% natural diamond, the clarity enhancement may be removed and the diamond will be untreated.

The main difference is not in the value of clarity enhanced diamonds, rather that they are the same natural diamonds, of the same value, but they look more beautiful, clearer and more sparkling.

We offer diamond engagement ring and jewelry collections as well as loose diamonds with a choice of either clarity enhanced diamonds (CE diamonds) or 100% natural diamonds. Making the decision on whether to buy online a clarity enhanced diamond should be made with the knowledge of the pros and cons of both options.

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand behind everything we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. In the event that there is ever a problem with your jewelry, it can be mailed back to our offices for inspection. If the problem is deemed to be from a manufacturing issue, we will repair or replace the item at no charge to you. All clarity enhanced diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee on the clarity enhancement.

- We are happy to service your ring or re-enhanced your diamond under warranty or even if you would like custom alterations or repairs. Shipping costs both ways are not included in our service and actual shipping costs will be charged for any returned items. If you have a UPS or FedEx account, we would happilly ship with them so that you may benefit from any preferred rates you may have.

- Your clarity enhanced diamond is guaranteed for life and we will re-enhanced your stone free of charge should anything happen to its treatment. Please note that the diamond should not be exposed to extreme heat or corrosive materials such as acids or some types of cleaning materials. Enhanced diamonds damaged by another jeweler after cleaning, resizing or any other work will incur a charge of $55 per carat to re-enhance the stone.

- Some jewelry designs, particularly bezel settings and pieces with small diamond accents, do not allow for the main diamond to be removed and replaced without damaging the setting. Therefore if any repair, including re-enhancing a diamond, requires manufacturing a new ring, a charge for this will be incurred depending on the type of ring/piece of jewelry. Please contact us for costs.


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