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Clarity enhanced diamonds are an excellent way to purchase a real earth diamond with better grading on the four c's (carat, cut, color and clarity), for a less expensive price.

Clarity enhanced fracture filled, laser drilled or hpht diamonds can be purchased locally or overseas at wholesale directly (for example, in Israel or India, where CE diamonds are manufactured).

The fracture filling process was invented in Israel in the early 1980s and market trends have shown in the past decade a significant increase in both popularity an market value at a rate of over 20% over the past 3 years alone.

Fracture filled diamonds come in round brilliant, princess, radiant and oval cut and other shapes, with the rounds being the most popular.

Fracture filled diamonds
, despite the name are not fractured diamonds, rather they are 100% natural diamonds with natural inclusions or imperfections internally in the diamond.

Advanced technology allows for these imperfections to be cloaked or filled with either a bromide or silicone based glass-like material with similar refractive attributes to diamonds.

The result is a clear, beautiful and extra sparkling diamond at the price of the original diamond grading. Look for high quality silicone based fracture filled diamonds that come with a lifetime guarantee.

Fracture Filled Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Shiree Odiz offers certified fracture filled clarity enhanced diamonds of the highest quality, loose or in unique mountings from vintage to classic and unusual designs.

All Shiree Odiz fracture filled diamonds come with a lifetime guarantee and independent certification.


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