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Of the clarity enhanced diamonds pros and cons, probably most significant consideration is regards to two major aspects. The first consideration is the fact that the diamond has been enhanced un-naturally and the second is whether the change is temporary or permanent.

Clarity enhanced fracture filled diamonds are enhanced by cloaking flaws in the diamond to make them invisible. This process can be reversed at any time by exposing the diamond to extreme heat.

This can be considered a disadvantage of the process as the enhancement can be reversed, but it may also be considered an advantage as the diamond may be made 100% natural again at any time.

Laser drilled clarity enhanced diamonds have a microscopic channel made into the diamond in order to clean, remove or bleach white, unwanted eye sores such as bubbles and black carbon spots that can be visible to the naked eye.

The laser drilling is a permanent enhancement process meaning that the diamond will stay the way it is after the enhancement and the process may not be reversed.

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