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Fine Jewelry FAQ

Custom Bespoke Jewelry Design

What is the process of making bespoke engagement rings or custom fine jewelry?

What do you need for the design?

What metals and stones are available?

Can you make any type of design?

When will I receive my custom order?

Can I see my custom order before paying or before it ships?

What is the return policy for custom orders?

Issues with my Jewelry

My ring is too big/small

My white gold is turning yellow

A local jeweler graded my diamond differently

A small diamond has fallen out

I can see imperfections in my gold/platinum setting

I can see visible imperfections in my diamond

The enhancement in my clarity enhanced diamond has been damaged

Our Service FAQ

Placing an Order

How do I know my ring size?

Do you carry all rings in all sizes, including international sizes?

Can I order with Amazon Pay, G Pay and Apple Pay?

Can I pay via a bank wire / direct debit?

Is checkout secure?

Do you offer any kind of financing?

Can I get a discount on my item?

Shipping, Returns & Warranty

How much is shipping?

What kind of warranty do you offer?

What is your return policy?

When will my order be shipped?

Are orders insured?

How do I check the status of my order?

Do you ship internationally?

What fees can I expect at customs for international shipping?

I'm shipping outside the US. How can I avoid the customs fees?

I'm in the US and received a form to fill out

Where do you ship from?

About Shiree Odiz

I see Shiree Odiz on other websites - are they legit?

Where is Shiree Odiz located?