Customize vs. Custom Made

Strictly off-the-shelf fine jewelry has been in decline over the past decade as we want to express our individuality more. It's no longer enough for our hard-earned money to go to something mass-made. And if it's personal, we want to make sure it's truly personal.

Engagement rings have long been part of this trend with the vast majority of men and women choosing to make it theirs. So what are the options?

Adjust from inventory

When a jeweler has inventory, their priority will be selling what they have already committed to. So that means the settings and the diamonds need to be sold. Although not strictly off-the-shelf, customization will be limited to re-sizing, perhaps changing the main stone and engraving.

Build your own ring

Pioneered by Blue Nile and later adopted by many online jewelers, the 'build your ring' method allows the jeweler to offer a large range of diamonds from external suppliers and for you to choose from existing ring designs usually kept in stock for fast fulfillment. Building a ring in this way is great when most of the focus is on the main diamond and you see a pre-made design that's exactly right for you.

Customize a design

When you start with a design you love, it can be easier to make changes and to envision the final result. 

As the ring is made to order, you can choose different main and small stones (type, quality, size), change the metal, and add personalization such as a secret stone, hidden initials, engraving, or other unique design elements we can suggest. We can also change the design entirely, mix up designs, and make something that is one-of-a-kind tailored to you.

While we don't hold any inventory, we do have a collection of ring designs that can be used as a starting point to create a ring that's perfect for you.

Custom engagement rings

Going completely custom is the surefire way to get a ring like no other, but also the best way to get everything you care about; the design, the stones, and your story. You can start with an image you have (from Pinterest, Instagram) or a sketch you've made or just discuss ideas with your designer to get it exactly right. 

You're not a designer and you don't have to be. We take what you know and handle the rest.

July 08, 2020 — Alex Gerber
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