Change is coming... and we're excited!

The past few months have been challenging, sad for many, and a world of opportunity for the optimists. We've spent more time with our families, had time alone and in small groups. A lot has changed.

More than anything, we found ourselves reflecting on the past 15 years since going online and looking at where we can provide the most value and joy to you - our valued customers.

You chose us before because of personal care, design, and quality. But one of the main reasons has been because we listen to what's most important to you.

You know your ideals, values, and personality. We work with that to tailor the style and choice of raw materials to create your ideal piece. We always have.

Now we're making it our mission.

We're focusing on you - with high-end jewelry that tells your story.

Stay tuned!

June 17, 2020 — Daniel Setton
Tags: Why Custom

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