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Engagement is a special day as it signifies a strong relationship between two individuals. To say that getting engaged is one of the biggest milestones of your life would not be an exaggeration. Therefore, this day calls for some intricate preparation. If you are also planning to get engaged and feel worried if you would be able to find a perfect diamond engagement ring under 1000 dollars, just read this article and relax. Here, we bring you, our top picks of engagement rings under 1000 dollars. With a plethora of designs and styles available in diamond engagement rings, we are sure that you would find the best for your loved one. You would be surprised that finding something which is stunning and still within your budget, is no more a problem.

If you are in love with simplicity and minimalism, this round diamond ring is the perfect engagement ring for you. A round solitaire diamond, this classic engagement ring design has always been popular across ages and would remain so. A round diamond is considered to be a symbol of commitment, this is a favorite diamond choice of many women. This ring is distinct as the diamond in this ring is symmetrical, eye-pleasing, and catches light from all angles. This gives it a super bright shine which is why it is known as a round brilliant diamond.


This princess-cut diamond ring set in rose gold is perfect for all square-cut diamond lovers. The princess cut is second in line (first being round) when it comes to being most popular among engagement rings. Just like round shape diamond, the princess cut is also turning into a classic. When turned upside down, this cut seems like a pyramid. With clean and sharp lines, this cut makes the ring look contemporary and stunning. The princess cut was first made in 1961 by London based diamond crafter.


What better can you ask for than a heart-shaped diamond infinity twist engagement ring set in white gold! The ring is just perfect for the occasion of engagement. It looks beautiful and unique due to its twisted band. This unique engagement ring signifies the interweaving of the life of two individuals. Both the twisted band and the heart shape portray the bond of love between a couple. The engagement ring also makes an infinity symbol which reflects never-ending compassion in any relationship.  


This marquise diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold is perfect for those who want something that is in between a round and a pear shape diamond. A remarkable quality of the marquise shape is that it appears larger than other shapes even with the same weight or size.  This is because the cut is elongated and tapered oval with very sharp tips. This shape has a royal connection and was first created in France. The shape is also known as the cat’s eye.



This pear-shaped diamond engagement ring set in white gold is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a modern style. The pear shape is somewhere in-between a round and a marquise diamond shape. It truly resembles a teardrop or raindrop as it is round at one end and pointed at the other. Just as the marquise shape, the pear shape also makes itself look bigger and bolder due to the elongation. Not only this, but this shape also compliments the finger of the wearer and makes it look longer and slimmer.


Among all diamond engagement rings under 1000, this Princess Cut diamond ring has a modern design and is becoming very popular these days. This geometrically square diamond makes an impact different from what a traditional round diamond makes.  This engagement ring surrounded by a halo makes it just stunning. Set in rose gold color, the beauty of this unique engagement ring is beyond any words.


This sparkling ring features a beautiful heart-shaped diamond.  Just as a heart shape is associated with love and sweetness, this engagement ring also signifies never-ending love. The cut of this diamond ring has a charm like no other. Heart-shaped rings are also quite popular amongst celebrities who associate themselves with glamour and allure. As heart-shaped diamonds look most beautiful with warmer color tones, this ring is set in pinkish rose gold, which imparts a girly look.


This oval diamond infinity twisted ring is perfect for those who want some modification of the classic round diamond shape. The oval shape or the egg shape is also a good option for those who have a pretty active lifestyle and want to wear the engagement ring daily. With rounded edges, this diamond has great durability. This shape is a symbol of fertility, marriage, and family. The twisted band imparts a beautiful look to an already stunning ring.


A marquise-cut diamond set in a yellow gold band, this engagement ring is going to be special for you if you want the ring to be more sparkling and bigger. This diamond ring draws all attention with its halo, the small stones that line the central diamond. Just like the marquise shape, which is said to be regal, this beautiful ring also brings along elegance with it. So, for all those who want to shine the most, this engagement ring is a must for you. We feel this might be the best piece among rings under 1000.


Reading about our unique engagement rings under 1000, you might be wondering which one to choose. Worry not, each one of these diamond engagement rings is under 1000 dollars, just check what suits you best.

September 14, 2021 — Akanksha Arora

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