Engagement ring under 2000 dollars

Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring that is stunning and would not come at a great cost, something which is under 2000 dollars? If yes, then you are about to explore some of the best engagement or wedding rings that are not only beautiful but also budget-friendly. We are sure that after reading this blog you would be able to easily choose a ring that would reflect your style and would also be fine with your wallet. From solitaires to halo rings, browse our exclusive range of 2000 dollar engagement rings that are perfect for that special moment.

White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Rings Classic Engagement Ring - 0.90ctw

This 3 stone round diamond engagement ring set in white gold is perfect for the occasion as it symbolizes the journey of the couple. The three diamonds reflect the past, present, and future of the couple’s life. This ring features a lovely 0.30 carat center diamond and weighs approximately 5 grams in 14k and 7 grams in 18k solid gold. This ring style was seen on Meghan Markle’s hand during her engagement with Prince Harry. Since then, this style has become a popular choice among couples. So, if you’re looking for trilogy engagement rings under 2000 dollars, this could be the one designed for you.

Pear Shaped Vintage Engagement Ring - 0.65ct Halo Design      


One of the greatest advantages of a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring is that it appears larger than some of the more popular diamond shapes. So, if you desire to have a diamond engagement ring that looks bigger but doesn’t have a high carat weight, this pear-shaped diamond ring is what you should pick. Set in white gold, this attractive vintage engagement ring is bound to impart a graceful look to your loved one. This ring is a perfect example of intricate design and craftsmanship. Also, known as a teardrop ring, this diamond ring is unique as it highlights a 0.50 carat diamond surrounded by a halo of 0.15 round small diamonds. This ring weighs 5 grams in 14k white gold and 6 grams in 18k and 8 grams in platinum.

Yellow Gold Vintage Flower Pave Set Engagement Ring - 0.4ct Diamond

This yellow gold vintage flower pave set engagement ring is perfect for all those who love nature.  Inspired by floral features, this winter Tulip ring is a unique ring with a 0.4 carat center diamond. This vintage ring draws its inspiration from the Victorian era and thus embraces a delicate design that was at its peak in popularity. Besides the center stones, this ring also has a pave design and some small round diamonds loosely set together around the ring that adds to a continuous spark. This gorgeous ring is approximately 5 grams in weight in 14k and 7 grams in 18k solid gold. So, if flower design is close to your heart, then we believe that among all engagement rings under 2000 dollars, this is the best option for you.

Vintage Crown Cathedral Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - 0.75ct Diamond 

Do you love being royal and gracious, if yes then this vintage crown cathedral engagement ring is bound to be your choice? This ring, with its cathedral style, incorporates extra details on the underside of the center diamond. This not only makes it look different from usual rings but also provides the ring a more structured and solid look. The design is inspired by the arches of a church cathedral and hence resembles them. The ring features a classic round diamond that is 0.75 carat in weight and sits 6mm above the finger. This engagement ring weighs around 4 grams in 14k and 5 grams in 18k solid gold.  Available for under 2000 dollars, this ring is amazing as the cathedral setting provides a lot of protection and support to the center stone.

 Yellow Gold Twisted Spiral Avant Garde Engagement Ring - 0.2ct Diamond


If you wish to seek all the attention, then just go for this yellow gold twisted spiral engagement ring. With a 0.2 carat shiny diamond set in the center of the spirally gold band covered in small round diamonds, this ring is around 5 grams in 14k and 7 grams in 18k solid gold. The twisted gold band symbolizes the interweaving of lives of two individuals making this ring perfect for the occasion of engagement. This distinct style might look unfamiliar at first, but it’s a class apart from all other engagement rings. Thus, if you wish to try on something new and different, this beautiful and modern avant-garde engagement ring is just for you.

 White Gold Twisted Italian Princess Cut Engagement Ring - 0.75ct Diamond

For all our princess-cut diamond lovers, here is a twisted engagement ring with a unique band. This white gold ring features a square-shaped 0.75 carat diamond along with small round diamonds that line the twisted band. One of the most popular diamond shapes, Princess-cut is modern and with a geometric center stone, it gets all the love from modern women. This amazing ring is available in around 3 grams in 14k and 4 grams in 18k solid gold. The best feature of this ring is the sparkling shank that is covered with small pavé set diamonds that draw all the attention to the engagement ring. So, if you’re in search of a princess-cut ring that is under $2000, this is one of the best options for you.

White Gold Pave Set Engagement Ring Round Cut 4-Prong - 0.5ct Diamond

This white gold round diamond engagement ring with a 4 prong setting is perfect for those looking for a traditional ring with a difference. Though a 0.5 carat classic round diamond is the star of this ring, its pave setting and 4 prong setting also add to the look of the ring. The best thing about the pave setting is that the small diamonds closely set together bring about a continuous sparkle which makes this engagement ring eye-catching while remaining under the 2000-dollar budget. This pretty ring is nearly 4 grams in 14k and 5 grams in 18k solid gold.

White Gold Halo Wide Band Bezel Engagement Ring - 0.75ct Diamond

This white gold engagement ring is perfect for those who like a wide band. The ring has a 0.75 carat round diamond in the center along with 0.29 carat halo diamonds. This is a bezel ring, which means that the ring is wider and thicker and has a flat surface for the diamond. The bezel setting is very modern and has a major advantage above other styles as it provides a ton of protection to the center diamond. This is especially important to people with an active lifestyle. This kind of setting is a little expensive to create as it requires high expertise, but we bring this under 2000 dollars, just for you. So, if you want to try a bezel and halo setting ring, just go for this one.


Platinum Pave Set Knife Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring - 0.3ct Diamond

Looking for something different from gold, we’ve got you covered with this diamond solitaire engagement ring set in platinum.  This ring features a knife-edge and pave setting. This style is uncommon because of the knife-edge shank and contemporary setting. Though at first glance, it might look similar to a traditional ring shank, it is very different due to the sharp edge running around the outer circumference of the ring. A major advantage of choosing a ring with a knife-edge ring shank is that the center diamond looks bigger and bolder. This wonderful ring weighs approximately 8 grams in solid 95% pure platinum and is a perfect choice for under 2000 dollars.


Unique Yellow Gold Engagement Ring - 0.5ct Tension Set Diamond

This diamond engagement ring catches all eyes with its unique diamond placement. This round diamond 0.5 carat yellow gold engagement ring shines bright with a beautiful tension setting. The setting is an amazing option for those looking for something unique. The ring has a magical aura as it appears as if the diamond is floating between the band. The tension setting uses compression to set the center diamond in place. This ring setting brings extra attention to the diamond as it can be easily viewed from all angles. This lovely ring is nearly 7 grams in 14k and 9 grams in 18k solid gold. So, choose this ring for under 2000 dollars and try something that is not so traditional.

So, after looking through these options, we are sure that you must have decided on the kind of engagement or wedding ring you would love to have. However, if you’re still interested to explore more choices, just check our entire collection of elegant diamond rings. Something over there would be of your liking.

September 23, 2021 — Akanksha Arora

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