Monogram Engagement Rings

One of the most romantic ways to welcome your friends and family to your wedding day is with a personalized wedding monogram. It's your big day and making your mark with a signature monogram to your invitations, napkins, and decorations can truly make it an event to remember. Your wedding photos, video and memories will be forever branded unmistakably as yours.

Monogram engagement rings take this concept a step further, from the point of the proposal. Your custom monogram will be embedded in your heirloom piece, symbolic of your relationship for generations to come.

Monograms are typically designed with one person's initials - a personal monogram - such as the recipient of the ring, or a couple's monogram with first initials from each side. However, other symbols can be incorporated representing your faith, a personal message or anything at all unique or close to your heart.


August 20, 2020 — Alex Gerber

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