Often, when looking through various diamond engagement rings, you might have come across the term ‘ring setting’ techniques. Unaware of ring settings, you also must have wondered what are these ring setting types, whether to choose a particular setting style or not, the pros and cons of a particular ring setting, and many such questions.

Setting refers to the way stones are set or mounted into a metal band. Ring setting is an important aspect of the ring as it sets the mood for the style, design, and overall aesthetics of the ring. It enhances the beauty of a diamond engagement ring. One such classic setting, which is also an all-time favorite is the prong ring setting.

This guide aims to answer all key questions about the prong setting which is one of the most popular ring settings. We hope that this information will help you when you are searching for that perfect ring; whether it is for an engagement, anniversary, or any other special occasion.   

What is prong setting?

Prong setting is a ring setting that uses small metal pieces known as prongs to hold a gemstone such as a diamond in place. The prongs secure the diamond on the ring and appear as a metal claw. This setting is very popular as it emphasizes the shine of the diamond.

Are there different types of prong settings?

Yes, prong setting comes in several types such as four prong, six prong, eight prong, ten prong, single claw, double claw, heart, v prong, fishtail, and many more. Among all of these, four and six prong settings are the most common. This is because four prong diamond setting is known to expose the diamond more and six prong is considered to give the stone more security. Let’s take a quick look at some of the other most common types of prong settings:

  • Square prongs - As the name suggests, these prongs have squared-off tips. These prongs gel beautifully with modern ring designs.
  • V prong - These prongs provide extra protection to sharp points of the stone as they firmly grip the stone at the edges. The most important advantage of V Prongs is that they do not cover the top area of the diamond as much as other prong settings.
  • Round prongs - With rounded tips, these prongs look like tiny balls when viewed from above. These prongs look stunning with oval and round diamonds.

What makes the prong setting so popular?

The prong setting imparts a classic look to the diamond ring and this is what makes this setting so popular. The setting secures the diamond and allows more light to enter the diamond from all angles, which helps the diamond have full exposure. This, in turn, makes the diamond appear shiny and bright. And this is the reason why a prong setting ring is so popular amongst couples. 

Are there any pros and cons of the prong setting?

The prong setting has many advantages. However, there are not many cons of prong setting. Let’s have a look:


  • As shared earlier, this setting provides the diamond an amazing shine and brilliance. It makes the diamond look absolutely beautiful and it appears as if it has taken a seat on a throne.
  • The prongs provide the diamond extra safety on the band.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the diamond becomes easy in a prong setting.
  • Prong setting can easily accommodate any gemstone shape.


  • Sometimes, prongs tend to catch on your clothing, hair, or other items and become a hindrance. Prongs are usually made with enough gold so that they're not easily bent out of place, but gold and platinum are still soft metals and this can happen with almost any ring.

Which one to select - the four prong or the six prong setting?

As prong setting is of various types, you must know which type of prong setting to go with. The most popular options are the four prong and six prong settings. Both these settings are good and there is no comparison between the two. There is no question of which is better.  It is just a matter of personal choice. Usually, it is suggested that you go with a four-prong setting if you’ve chosen a princess cut diamond shape. Or, if you want to be extra safe with your diamond, then you can look for a six-prong setting. A very good option is to choose a round or oval diamond with a six prong setting.

Is the prong setting expensive?  

No, in fact, prong ring setting is usually less expensive than other ring settings. This is because there is less labor involved in setting the stones. However, just like other diamond rings, prong setting diamond rings increase in price with an increase in the carat of the diamond.

Is the prong setting and the pave setting same?

No, pave setting is completely different from prong setting. There is sometimes confusion between the two because many rings feature both settings. Pave setting is a type of engagement ring setting where the band of the ring is lined with small diamonds making a beautiful pavement of diamonds.

Are prong setting rings safe?

Absolutely, prong setting diamond rings are safe. A prong settings ring is the best when it comes to the protection of the stone. We recommend choosing six prong ring setting to keep your diamond extra safe. Prongs secure the diamond in place so you can go with a prong setting diamond ring with no apprehensions.

 Which prong setting engagement ring should I choose?

Well, it’s all up to your personal preference and style. If you want something classic and timeless, you can go with a round solitaire diamond in the four-prong setting. But, if you want an engagement ring that shines the most, we recommend a diamond ring with both prong and pave settings. If you like antique rings, choose a vintage style diamond ring. You can even look for a two-tone prong ring if that interests you.

An engagement ring is usually the most special purchase that you ever make. It is important that you choose a style that keeps your diamond secure and also looks beautiful. A prong setting is a sure way to keep your diamond safe and to bring out the best of its brilliance.

We hope this guide would help you decide on your ideal engagement ring prong style.  It must be somewhat easier now for you to buy your engagement ring. If you’re interested to explore prong setting engagement rings for your special day, do check our entire collection of prong setting rings. We are sure you would like something over there.  

November 07, 2021 — Akanksha Arora

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