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Hailing from the Art Deco period, Asscher cut diamonds are one of the diamond styles that bring us the glamour, style and sensibilities of the 1920s. Invented by the Asscher brothers, hence the name, an Asscher diamond elicits the aura, luxury and vision of high society of its time. Until the year 2002, only vintage diamond ring Asscher cut diamod pieces were available but eventually, loose asscher cut diamonds were revived for the contemporary market.

The Asscher diamond we see today used for engagement ring and wedding ring  is similar to another well-known cut, the emerald cut. However, unlike the latter, a loose Asscher cut diamond has larger step facets with a higher crown and smaller table surface. Putting all these together creates the charisma we all so love with Asscher diamonds.

Our Asscher cut diamonds for sale are available in varying carat, clarity and can be paired with your choice of settings. Whichever diamond carat one picks from our selection of naturally mined stones, we guarantee that all of our diamonds are conflict free and certified by AIG.