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Romantic, classic and modern. If these are the characteristics you want a diamond ring to exude, then the cushion cut diamond just might be the engagement ring you are looking for.

The cut’s origins can be traced as far back as the 19th century and was used with other gemstones apart from diamond styles and settings offered in the market at present. What makes a cushion diamond an attractive jewelry is the cut’s ability to enhance the clarity of any conflict free diamond. Its classic look can be complimented by various settings, even semi mounts that at any carat, the diamond will shine with pride.

Cushion cut diamonds have 68 facets that’s square in shape with rounded corners. Usually referred to as the “old mine cut,” cushion diamonds today reemerged to become a trendy and sophisticated jewelry that will pair well with the bride’s wedding ring.

Once you have decided to get a cushion cut diamond, choose a bridal set inclusive of both the engagement ring and wedding band. You'll get a better deal and rings that'll be cherished for a lifetime.