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A heart shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of what a diamond ring stand for, love. Originally, however, heart shaped diamonds were only a symbol of power and royalty. The most popular being was a heart diamond ring given by Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth, which became an emblem of “friendship and goodwill” during that period. Today, the heart diamond is among the roster of cuts, women are willing to have as the center piece of their jewelry, specifically for one's engagement ring.

When deciding to purchase heart shaped diamonds for an engagement ring or wedding ring, alway focus on the symmetry of the stone. The pear shaped loose diamonds-like side of the heart cut is called its wing. These like two-combined loose pear shaped diamond should be proportional and of the same size. 

Another element to take into consideration is the carat of the conflict free diamond stone. As much as possible, refrain from purchasing a diamond stone below .50 carats to retain the shape of the heart as distinct as possible. The clarity may also suffer especially on the edges if the carat is too low. As such, it is imperative to purchase from trusted jewelers with great skill in cutting to make sure one gets the most out of one's diamond ring.

We offer diamonds that are fit for a bridal jewelry that will last a lifetime. Choose a loose diamond and customize a ring inspired by different diamond styles and settings. Be creative by using loose heart diamonds for a semi mount design or a  full mount. In any other way, our heart diamonds will not fail to be the focal point of your diamond ring.