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The Insignia rings and pendant collection includes four stunning signet rings and four designer pendant necklaces. This designer concept collection uses solid yellow and white gold, top quality natural diamonds and gemstones and beautiful enamel to achieve the desired oriental look and feel while keeping with high-end fine jewelry.

Inspiration for this exclusive collection was drawn from ancient Middle-Eastern culture, using the elite colors of the time and design elements seen in anything from tiles to rugs. Our modern twist on past great empires creates a contemporary collection of statement pieces for every-day life.


Original vintage signet rings were used as a personal or family unique seal, either to stamp mark or press in wax. Such gold or silver signet rings would have a flat bezel top and the seal emblem would be raised. The signet ring history has evolved the design from practical use to more designer, in most cases opting against the flat, raised emblem for a modern take, incorporating signet ring elements to be carved into the gold or at different heights, such as with sports rings. Signet rings for women will often feature diamonds and in our unique collection, we've added gorgeous color with enamel.


Enamel was the perfect choice of material to add bold color to our 'Insignia' rings. The rich and shiny finish keep our gold, diamond rings looking fine, while the strong material means it will stay that way for a lifetime. To achieve this effect, our rings were designed as a plain gold model with deeper areas to accommodate the enamel. Once the gold is polished to perfection, we pour hot enamel in each area, which sets as it cools. Intricate details are then hand-carved in the gold and the small diamonds are set. Each signet ring or pendant from this collection is made to order. 
Womens Signet Rings

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