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Apart from Asscher cut diamonds for sale, we also have Marquise cut diamond in our line up of loose diamonds, which can be used to personalize and customize one's dream jewelry.

Similar to the loose Asscher cut diamond, a Marquise cut diamond exudes the elegance and sophistication of both royalty and modern luxury. According to the history books, King Loius XIV of France was thought to have commissioned the Marquise of Pompadour to cut a gemstone based on the shape of a woman’s perfect lips. Looking closely, a Marquise diamond indeed does look like one.

Elongated and also resembling the shape of a football, a Marquise cut diamond gives off the illusion of a larger size in contrast to the actual carat weight of the diamond ring. As such, if diamond cut size is your priority over other elements such as clarity, you might want to consider getting Marquise diamonds.

When choosing Marquise cut diamonds for an engagement ring or wedding ring, consider the proportion and symmetry between the end points as well as the over all body of your conflict free diamond. Dictate the ratio of preference but remember that the end points should be properly aligned to each other.

The sides of the diamond are another aspect. Both left and right should mirror each other in terms of width. Among all of the settings and diamond styles, pick one that will protect the two edges of the stone.

Browse through our wide selection of marquise diamonds and bring to life the ring that you have always dreamed of.