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There are many diamond styles and settings out in the market but the choice of cut boils down to personal taste and style. Among the crowd favorite but certainly unique in its own right is the princess cut diamond.

Princess cut diamonds were made popular by Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz and since then this cut became at par in terms of demand as the brilliant round;  ideally having 58 facets as well. Instead of being circular, you’ll find the princess diamond to be of square in shape. Expert diamond cutters like our team can bring out the clarity and beauty of loose diamonds when made to a princess cut. Well cut princess diamonds shine with brilliance.

When purchasing for an engagement ring with conflict free stones, always bear in mind that princess cut loose diamonds fair better in terms of clarity and color. Carat matters but remember, the true beauty of a diamond also lies on its cut. .