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Radiant cut diamonds are considered to be the foremost square cut to have completed a brilliant cut for the stone’s pavilion and crown in this shape. Originally made popular in the 1980s, the radiant cut diamond is often mistaken to be equivalent to another beloved and precious cut for an engagement ring, the princess cut.

Though visually similar, these two cuts have evident differences. Unlike the princess cut, a radiant diamond has more brilliance, fiery, and clarity than the other. At a closer look, a radiant loose diamond in a diamond ring has a “cut- cornered squared mixed cut” while settings with princess cut have more sharp and geometrical edges.

Modern day radiant loose diamonds cut from conflict free and naturally-mined diamonds are considered a bridge between the cushion and princess. It’s having the best of both worlds for your engagement and wedding ring whether set in a full or semi mount. 

Choose a radiant cut as the hero of your jewelry. We offer high quality and only the best loose radiant cut diamonds at varying carats, which can be used to personalize one's own bridal set. Base the design on modern or vintage diamond styles. The beauty of buying a loose diamond is the opportunity to dictate the design one loves most.