Mandala - Rose Gold Black Diamond Ring Collection

Rose Gold Black Diamond Ring Collection
A truly unique rose gold diamond ring collection for women, intricately designed with natural black diamonds in as the main center stone and white diamonds to elegantly add sparkling accents. Each rose gold ring with black diamond center stones comes hand polished for a fine shiny 'pink' finish, beautifully contrasting with the diamonds. Rose gold and black diamond jewelry offer an alternative to the classic engagement ring and wedding band designs. Our collection has been carefully designed giving each individual rose gold black diamond ring a different interpretation while keeping with the same look and feel of this jewelry mini-collection.

Inspiration for this exclusive collection was drawn from mystic Indian mandala designs, using symmetry and geometric shapes and patterns around a circular center. The mandala designs are often detailed and complex, as Indian jewelry can be, we have toned this to a simplified, more modern, design.


Like white gold and yellow gold, rose gold is made up of pure 24 karat yellow gold and a mixture of other metals making an alloy of 58.5% pure gold and other metals for 14k and 75.0% pure gold and other metals for 18k gold. Rose gold is made using a small amount of silver and a larger portion of copper, giving the rose gold its unique color. Rose gold holds the same value as yellow and white gold and so should be priced the same, although often rose gold is sold at a premium due to its unique market appeal. Rose gold jewelry makes tinted diamonds whiter than they appear out of the setting and works exceptionally well with both white and black diamonds.


Natural black diamonds with an even color and some level of transparency are extremely scarce and are very rarely seen at retail. These are commonly referred to as fancy black diamonds. Such diamonds are high in price and are recommended to be purchased with caution and an accompanying GIA certificate. Black diamond rings and other fine jewelry are set with real, natural diamonds (not lab grown or synthetic) that have been treated to achieve the even black color that has become one of the hottest trends in diamond jewelry in recent years.
Gold Rose Mandala

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