Get the perfect engagement ring design with the exact center diamond specifications you prefer. Our jewelry design and diamond experts will help guide you on how to choose the right shape, size, color, clarity and cut for any one of our exclusive semi-mount engagement rings.

We are experts in fine diamond jewelry design and in addition to helping you choose the perfectly complimenting diamond for your ring, we also offer custom ring design, so you can design an engagement ring, design your own wedding band or any other unique piece.

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Over 20,000 loose diamonds to choose from including 100% natural diamonds, clarity enhanced diamonds and eco-friendly lab grown real diamonds.

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Browse our collection of over 150 unique engagement ring settings, available in all sizes in white, yellow and rose gold and platinum, or choose a custom engagement ring design.

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We will make your your custom build engagement ring, bespoke within just 5-7 working days and will ship with free FedEx. Custom designs may take a few days longer.

Learn About the Diamond 4 C's

Choosing the right match between the main diamond type, shape, size and quality together with the diamond setting design and the choice of metal can make all the difference. If you'd like help from one of our jewelry and diamond experts, please contact us here


When you build your engagement ring, you want to ensure there is a match between the carat weight (thus also size) of the diamond and the engagement ring setting.

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The diamond cut, graded from Ideal to Fair, will ultimately determine how much brilliance the diamond has. The diamond shape should also be considered when matching with the setting.

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Choosing the right diamond color can save a small fortune when you build your engagement ring. For platinum and white gold, we recommend D-G color, whereas H-J will appear also completely white in rose and yellow gold.

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Diamond clarity is one of the hardest of the 4 C's to gauge as the scale isn't an even spread of quality. Generally speaking, Flawless to VS diamonds will look the same, while SI diamonds often are also eye clean and better value.

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Learn About Precious Metals

All of our engagement rings can be made in any of the below precious metals, including white, yellow and rose gold in either 14K (58.5% purity) or 18K (75.0% purity) or solid platinum. Our rings are made to order in the ring size you require so there's no adjusting ring sizes by cutting and soldering your ring. Find your ring size


Platinum is a naturally pure white metal and is the premium choice for those looking for that dazzling white finish. Platinum is heavier and therefore higher price compared to gold. Approximately 15% choose platinum.

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White gold is available in 14K or 18K for all our designs. As white gold is made with pure, yellow gold white gold is plated with rhodium to look the same as platinum. Over 70% choose white gold for their engagement ring.

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The traditional choice and seeing a recent surge in popularity. A good choice for solitaire engagement rings and when existing jewelry is also yellow. Approximately 10% choose yellow gold.

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Rose gold is the leading choice for alternative and vintage style engagement rings. Can be worn with almost any color diamond or gemstone and still look stunning. Under 5% choose rose gold.

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