This gemstone analysis report displays the findings after inspection, testing and grading of the stone in our laboratory using leading methods and aiding instruments. The report does not constitute an appraisal or monetary valuation per market value, trade, insurance or otherwise. Our expert gemologists have carefully conducted the diamond examination to internationally recognized standards. Nonetheless, alternate means of grading, using different tools and methods, by a different grader or laboratory, may yield discrepancies for any one of, but not limited to the above reasons. The characteristics of the diamond described in this report are according to the state of the stone at the time, the knowledge and available means of the grader and available technology. Advances in technology, development of new tools or processes or any change in the stone, such as cut, polish, damage, treatment etc. may change its characteristics and thus affect any future grading analysis.

Details of the report and such the report itself does not provide any third party with rights, including beneficiary rights. Disclaimer: Shiree Odiz disclaims all warranties and valuations and makes no expressed or implied representations to the client or any third party with respect to this report, the described details or any laser inscriptions on the stone. Shiree Odiz, including its shareholders, directors, management, agents and employees, shall not be liable in tort, contract or any form of liability, for damages of any kind, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive and statutory damages, not for any loss, including profit loss, costs, expenses and payments, arising from or in connection with any and all matters pertaining to this report, including faults, errors, omissions, breakdowns and malfunctions, or any action, or failure to take action, either by the client or by any third party, in relation to, in consideration or in reliance upon this report. This report should be used by the client as only an indication of quality and authenticity and where available, a recommendation of the estimated retail value. All grading is conducted in good faith and ultimately any sale, trade or purchase made should be based on the client’s and third party’s own assessment of the stone, its quality, characteristics and authenticity. Shiree Odiz and this report are copyright protected and any reproduction of this report will be considered fraudulent and an infringement of our name, trademark, copyrights and good name.