Custom Made

All of our jewelry is made to order. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf jewelry intended for someone else. Your bespoke engagement ring, especially, should be yours and only yours.

Our Simple Process

Start with what you know and let us handle the rest.

Fill out our 1-minute quiz and you'll have an expert on your side.

Your personal designer will custom design your engagement ring and tailor the quality and carat of the stones to your taste and budget. We work with you until the design and all the specifications are perfect.

Your 3d design sketch can then be made into the real thing when you're ready.

Custom Design Sketch

A custom engagement ring is the easiest way to get exactly the ring you're looking for. We'll make a complimentary custom design that's everything you care about, whether it's the design, main stone or telling your unique story .

Custom made or off-the shelf?

Made-to-order also allows us to increase the quality and value for money you’re getting from your piece.

For any given price, you'll get high quality design, raw materials and craftsmanship with made to order. Like-for-like quality raw materials, design and craftsmanship will result in higher pricing with off-the-shelf.

With lower priced mass-produced off-the-shelf engagement rings, you can expect a significant compromise in raw materials and craftsmanship.

Custom Made Pricing:

Design . Raw Materials . Craftsmanship .  Marketing . Profit

Off-the-shelf Pricing:

Design . Raw Materials . Craftsmanship .  Inventory Financing . Distributors . Display . Store Rent . Salespeople . Ring Sizing . Design Adjustments . Marketing . Profit

Most beautiful ring I have ever seen

I absolutely love my ring and working with Shiree Odiz! They created something beautiful and very unique for me. It took a lot of searching to find the right stone and the perfect setting. They dedicated a tremendous amount of time to ensure I was thrilled.
- Kayle

Custom Ruby Ring

Shiree Odiz created the perfect ring for me! It is exactly what I wanted and I am completely thrilled with the results and the value. I highly recommend working with them.
- Katie

Great experience

After a very long taxing experience looking for the perfect engagement ring I was able to come across Shiree Odiz and they were able to make our ring exactly to my fiance’s request. Everything came out great and they were really easy to work with. I will be coming back. Highly recommend anyone looking for engagement or wedding rings. 5 stars all the way.
- Daniel L.

Great Solitaire

Stunning ring!! I’m so happy with it. Excellent work with quality and service!!
- Francisco C.

My Trilogy Engagement Ring

I was overwhelmed when I received my gorgeous yellow gold trilogy engagement ring. The cut is stunning and really sparkles. I feel so proud to wear my Shiree Odiz ring, I have received lots of compliments and love it's new but traditional and timeless look. Thank you to my new fiance and Shiree Odiz for designing such a beautiful ring.
- Michaela


My experience was wonderful, communication was also great, took my breath away when I opened the box, would definitely buy from again.
- Deborah T.

Absolutely stunning

I asked for this setting to be made specially to fit a stone that I already had. The company was extremely helpful and kind throughout the entire process. I was able to reach them easily by email, they responded quickly, and I got the ring faster than expected since it was made from scratch...and it is stunning! I can't wait to show it off. Thank you so much Shiree Odiz! I couldn't be happier! :)
- Angie B.

Gorgeous ring & great service

With Shiree's professional advice and personal touch I found the perfect gift for my wife - an eternity diamond ring of the highest quality, simply beautiful. Thank you!
- Anonymous

Amazing product, incredible service

It would be easy to dismiss all the positive online reviews as artificial. However, now that I've had a chance to experience the service and see the final product I can confidently 100% support both. Stunningly beautiful ring, matched by highly informative and timely support during the entire process. Thank you Shiree Odiz!
- Vip


"From start to finish I had an awesome experience. The ring is amazing looking and is everything I was hoping for. Thank you and your team for all your hard work. Will definitely be doing more business in the future."
Nick C.

Crafting Process

In addition to a difference in the value for money, the manufacturing process is different.

Mass production means that less time and care is invested in the manual craftsmanship which includes the design, polish, stone setting and quality control.

Made to order:

What You Care About
(Your Values, ring size, stone pick)
Design sketch
3D print
Metal casting
Diamond setting


Off the shelf manufacturing:

Mass casting
Mass diamond setting
Mass polish
Mass distribute
Store inventory
Adjust size, stone
(where necessary)