When you custom design your own engagement ring, you can decide on the values that are important to you and what raw materials we use in making your ring.

Pure Gold & Platinum

While there are other popular metals available such as silver, tungsten and palladium, we specialize in gold and platinum fine jewelry and so all engagement rings we make are using these options. For quality and long-term value for money, we strongly recommend no less than 14 karat (58.5% pure) up to 18 karat (75.0% pure) gold and 95.0% purity for platinum. 

Kimberley Process Sourced Diamonds & Gemstones


All diamonds and precious gemstones from Shiree Odiz are strictly conflict-free and sourced from official trade partners in the Diamond Bourse or directly from the mines. 

Direct From Mine Diamonds

As a 3rd generation in the diamond trade, we have working relationships with some of the largest diamond cutters in the world. Buying directly allows us to cut out middle-men and provide you with the best possible pricing on certified diamonds as well as offer transparency on the origin and quality of the diamond.

Request direct from mine diamonds if [ORIGIN],  [VALUE FOR MONEY]  & [QUALITY] are most important to you.

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Higher quality diamonds at a lower price are made possible by advanced technology that can clean and cloak natural imperfections such as inclusions and feathers that would otherwise be visible eye soars. Backed by our lifetime guarantee, CE diamonds offer higher clarity and carat for the price of an inferior looking stone.

Request clarity enhanced diamonds if [CARAT],  [PRICE] &  [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.

Lab Grown Diamonds

For the eco-conscious, lab grown diamonds are an excellent choice. They offer guaranteed conflict-free and environmentally friendly origin due to being grown in a lab rather than mined from the earth. Chemically and physically they are identical in every way to natural diamonds and are available at a fraction of the cost.

Request lab grown diamonds if [ECO-FRIENDLY],  [QUALITY], [ORIGIN]  & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.

Secondary Market Diamonds

While lab grown diamonds are perhaps the most obvious eco-friendly option, some lab grown diamond labs leave a significant carbon footprint due to the high amounts of energy required to make the diamonds. The only true carbon-neutral and community friendly option would actually be the secondary market. These diamonds may already have been in circulation for years or generations and therefore do not increase demand at the mining level. In the vintage market, you can also find rare cut diamonds that are no longer made today, for a truly unique engagement ring.

Request secondary market diamonds if [ECO-FRIENDLY],  [UNIQUENESS] & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.


Moissanite are lab grown silicone based gemstones with similar hardness and brilliance to high quality diamonds. When looking for a colorless, clear and sparkling gemstone when on a budget or simply as an alternative to diamonds, moissanite are one of the most popular choices.

Request lab grown diamonds if [ECO-FRIENDLY],  [QUALITY], [ORIGIN]  & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.

Natural Gemstones

Gemstones are the perfect alternative to diamonds if you’re looking for a unique engagement ring with color, to bring contrast to white diamond accents or when on a tighter budget while still wanting a ring with presence. Gemstone engagement rings are no less traditional than diamonds and have been worn and adorned by royalty around the world for centuries.

Request natural gemstones if [CARAT],  [UNIQUENESS]  & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.

Lab Grown Gemstones

Similar to lab grown diamonds and cultivated pearls, lab grown gemstones offer a more eco-friendly option with higher quality at a lower price. With rubies, emeralds and sapphires the savings and quality difference is significant, making them the most attractive choice for created gemstones.

Request lab grown gemstones if [ECO-FRIENDLY],  [UNIQUENESS] & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.

Raw Diamonds

Only a small percentage of mined diamonds actually are polished and used in fine jewelry. This contributes on the one hand to the rarity of the high quality diamonds we are used to seeing.  Off-color, opaque diamonds are usually kept aside and left uncut. These ‘raw diamonds’ have been trending with alternative engagement ring designers and couples alike, as they offer a truly unique appearance with no two stones alike. As they are both in lower demand and are uncut, the value for money is also extremely appealing.

Request raw diamonds if [UNIQUENESS]  & [VALUE FOR MONEY] are most important to you.