Diamonds are as unique as nature itself and no two diamonds are identical.

To understand the visibly obvious, sometimes subtle or near-invisible differences in diamonds, we use four main grading scales, known as the 4 C's in diamond grading; carat, color, clarity and cut. To ensure accurate and unbiased grading of the 4 C's we also look at a fifth member - Certification.

Learn how carat weight affects the size and price of your diamond, how each carat weight looks on a hand and tips on how to choose the right carat for you.

Explore the traditional white color scale for diamonds from the most desirable 'D' colorless, down to tinted yellow. As jewelers, we also look at how to match metal with diamond color.

Often misunderstood as the key to diamond brilliance, clarity actually refers to imperfections in your diamond, whether visible to the naked eye or under magnification alone.

Commonly under appreciated for its true significance, the cut grade will determine how much light is reflected out of the face of the diamond.

The special member of the 4 Cs of diamond grading. Certification is your key to guaranteeing the accuracy of all the other quality details.

Primarily a style and personal preference consideration. However, the shape of your diamond can also effect size and brilliance.

F-VS2 round diamond in tweezers

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Types of Diamonds

Another significant consideration when choosing a diamond is its origin and whether it has been treated or 'enhanced' in any way. We'll explore the pros and cons of each option so that you can choose what best aligns with your taste and values.

There are no wrong choices.

Responsibly Sourced

Natural Diamonds

Conflict-free, naturally mined diamonds. Expertly hand-picked and guaranteed to be colorless, eye clean and high brilliance.

Our natural diamond engagement rings come with GIA certification. With the strictest and most reputable grading in the world, you'll have peace of mind that the origin, authenticity and quality are exactly as promised.


Lab Grown Diamonds

Truly sustainable diamonds can only be lab created. These genuine diamonds are grown under similar high temperature, high pressure conditions as in nature. But without the billions of years waiting, nor the extraction from the earth.

Lab grown diamonds are identical in every way, physically and chemically down to the molecular level as mined diamonds. The only difference is their eco-friendly origin.

Naturally Mined

Treated Diamonds

Diamonds can also come in less desirable color shades and with clearly visible imperfections in the stone. Modern technology allows us to use various techniques to improve the appearance of such natural diamonds.

Clarity enhanced diamonds make natural diamonds for affordable and accessible without visible compromise. With a CE diamond you'll get a cleaner, larger, natural diamond for less.

The finest diamond alternative


If diamonds aren't your thing, but you're still looking for dazzling sparkle and lifetime durability, then moissanite gemstones are the perfect choice.

Moissanites are second in hardness only to diamonds and display higher brilliance and light dispersion than diamonds. But at a fraction of the price.


No inventory means we can listen to you and provide tailored and unbiased advice. Whether it's the type of stone or questions about quality.

Plus, when you reach out to us, you’ll speak to an expert, not customer support.

Frequently asked questions

Why are your diamonds F-VS2 quality?

Our standard quality for diamonds is F (colorless) and VS2 (eye clean) grade. These are all carefully hand-selected diamonds guaranteed to be top brilliance, flawless looking stones in all shapes and sizes. Premium diamonds and exceptional value for money.

Can I see the actual diamond and certification?

Absolutely. Simply contact us before purchasing and we'll send over our expert recommendation(s). Once you've found 'the one' we'll put a hold on your chosen stone for you for 24 hours.

Where do you source your diamonds and gemstones?

All of our diamonds come from well established, licensed and vetted diamond mines, cutters and official members of the diamond trade. Natural diamonds are certified conflict free and are mostly originated in India, whereas lab grown diamonds and moissanite are sourced from eco-friendly, responsible facilities.

How is your jewelry more ethical and sustainable?

No inventory means no mass production nor cheap labor. It also means no waste. Our diamonds are carefully selected from official, conflict-free, Kimberly certified sources, supporting responsible and family-run businesses like our own and their supporting local communities. We also pay a premium for expert craftsmanship, certified and truly eco and human friendly raw materials, without any extra cost to you. All our jewelry is made to order. Find out why else this matters here.

Can I make custom requests?

Decades of experience in both jewelry design and gemology helped us create our collection and to hand-pick our diamonds. However, if you'd like to request something slightly different such as a change of metal or main stone, please feel free to reach out.

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