Shiree Odiz is different from any other online or offline jeweler you’ve ever visited. By coming with a clean slate of no bias or hidden agenda, we take the things that matter to you most and use all our experience and professional knowledge to guide you towards the ideal engagement ring

We don’t sell you an engagement ring, we make it for you. And we make your custom engagement ring based on your values, your taste and your budget while ensuring you get maximum value for money. 

Maximum Value For Money

As we don’t hold inventory, we look at the vast options out there exactly as if we were in your shoes. Our experienced experts hand pick options for you within your budget so you can make the right decision of stone type, size, quality and ring design, by your own priorities.

All options of main stone and design are offered on exactly the same profit margin (we’re a business after all) so combined with no inventory commitments there is zero incentive beyond looking after your interests. Furthermore, as our ex-Tiffany & Co. team design and craft all custom engagement rings 100% in-house with no expensive retail overheads and supply chains, you can rest assured that your money is going into the raw materials as well as the love, care and attention to detail required to create your unique engagement ring.


Being on your side means that we also have the responsibility to take what’s most important to you while not compromising on our own basic values:

  • Ethical sourcing of diamonds, gemstones and precious metals.
    Since founding our online brand in 2006, this has been the cornerstone of our decision-making, shaping our environmentally and community friendly supply chain long before popular awareness.
  • Highest level of craftsmanship in the industry.
    Whether you’re looking at a budget of under $1000 or over $10000, the same team of design, goldsmith and diamond setting experts will ensure you get quality in the details, even if you can only ‘feel’ they’re there when we deliver your ring. 
  • Value for money.
    We are proud of every engagement ring we make and beyond personal preference, value for money also means upholding quality standards. Sometimes this means not necessarily the cheapest option possible, but the minimum investment to get the largest gain for you. The opposite is also true as we recommend not overpaying for specifications you can only see ‘on paper’.
  • Custom Ring Design.
    The fact is that mass produced or off-the-shelf engagement rings will have been made for someone else, anyone else, but not for you. Inevitably this means compromise. Compromise on what’s important to you, on the design, on the quality and on the price. Fighting this compromise is a hard battle of learning as much as you can about diamonds and engagement rings and going from store to store trying to find that ideal ring until the compromise becomes acceptable or until you tire out.
    We truly believe that a custom engagement ring is the ultimate way to go. Even if you see a design from our engagement rings collection, it will be made to order and you can customize the main stone, metal, finish, accents, inscription and secret stone to make it yours.