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For centuries, the tradition of using bezel as a setting technique has been known to be the most old fashion technique to set gemstones. Jewelers have been using bezel settings for thousand of years to make fine jewelry. However, the use of this type of diamond setting waned by the late 19th century until made popular again in the 1990s.

Bezel engagement rings seconds the prong setting styles in terms of popularity. There are two types of bezel diamond ring setting namely full or semi bezel. Conflict free diamonds in a full bezel only shows off the top part of the diamond. While a full bezel envelopes almost 10% of the diamond, a semi bezel grips the stone on two sides while still leaving an opening, thus giving more exposure for the diamond. Bezel setting rings are most suitable for women who have a more active lifestyle; since the engagement ring setting technique was built to keep the diamond in place with the assistance of a metal rim to hem in the stone. In contrast to prong engagement ring settings, a bezel engagement ring provides a more secure base for the diamond.