Indistinguishably Real Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds. They have the same chemical and physical properties, making lab grown diamonds the preferred choice for many eco-conscious buyers looking for a top quality, pure, real diamond. The only difference is their origin and only extensive testing with special advanced equipment in a leading lab can identify a lab grown from a mined diamond.

Just like all diamonds, lab created diamonds are rare and as equality stunning as mined diamonds.



Certified & Laser Inscribed

Lab grown diamonds are grown from carbon seeds of small existing diamonds under similar but accelerated conditions under which earth diamonds are naturally formed. Just like in nature, the color and clarity of the diamond will depend on the composition of the elements and how the diamond is grown and formed.

As lab created diamonds are near impossible to distinguish from mined diamonds, larger lab grown diamonds tend to be laser inscribed with the unique IGI certification number that can be verified online here. Shiree Odiz lab grown diamonds are IGI certified where specified.


Preferred Eco-friendly Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds offer the purest means of purchasing a real diamond, by guaranteeing the source, the environment and working conditions, you'll have perfect peace of mind.




Lab created diamonds are sustainable as they aren't mined, rather are grown. Choosing a man made diamond reduces the harmful impact mining has on the environment. Note that lab created diamonds do require a lot of energy, which is why we carefully select only carbon-neutral supply.



The guaranteed source of lab made diamonds means you can be sure not only that your diamond is conflict free but also has a positive impact on the community.




Lab created diamonds are real diamonds. With the same hardness, brilliance and scintillation as high quality mined diamonds plus the exact chemical composition, these diamonds are forever but the environmental cost isn't.



Mined rough diamonds are cut and polished to look permanently stunning making them the ideal symbol of long term commitment and love. Shiree Odiz only stocks conflict free, independently certified natural diamonds.



Silicone-based synthetic gemstone with similar hardness to diamonds, but a slightly different brilliance. Even the whitest moissanites can show a 'disco ball' sparkle or off-white color. Moissanites are significantly lower price compared to diamonds and will typically cost in the $100's per carat.



Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Swarovski crystals and other diamond simulants should not be confused with lab grown diamonds. These are not real diamonds, rather are low cost stones with a usually short-lived appearance of a real diamond. Prices will range in the $10's per carat for such stones.


What will you choose?

Our earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings all come with a choice of lab grown or natural diamonds. Both are beautiful, can be worn every day and will last a lifetime!