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Ring size conversion chart

Use the chart to convert to or from US sizes, mm and UK sizes with ease.
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Ring size matters!

We use U.S. and U.K. sizes when making our jewelry so if you know your ring size it can be easily converted using the ring size conversion chart. When placing an order, rings will have U.S. sizes listed as the sizing option, but you can leave a note at checkout with your local measurement as guidance. Your ring will be made to order so it will be made to the exact size required.

When in doubt, we recommend choosing a ring size that is slightly larger, rather than smaller, especially if the ring is a surprise. You'll want the ring to fit on, even if it's not a perfect fit. Also, in most cases, sizing down a ring is easier than sizing up. In addition, if the ring you are purchasing is significantly wider than the ring you are measuring, we also recommend approximately a 1/2 size larger.

Here at Shiree Odiz our entire catalog is available in all sizes, whether US, European, UK, Australian or other sizes.



Surprising your partner?

When purchasing an engagement ring, more often than not, you won't know the ring size of your partner, especially if the proposal is a complete surprise. From nearly two decades of experience, we've found that this neat little trick to be the closest possible guess.

All you need is one of her rings and a ruler.

Simply take one of her existing rings, preferably one worn on her ring finger, and place it flat on the ruler like this:

Measure your ring size at home - with a ruler!

Note that the center of the ring (diameter) should be placed on the edge of the ruler for an accurate measure. We prefer to use millimeters, like in the chart above, but you can use inches if you prefer.



How to measure your ring size - at home!

Whether you're looking for a ring for yourself or together with your partner, it's best to get an accurate ring size measure to save the hassle of returns and resizing. The best way to get an accurate ring size measure is with ring gauges that slip on your finger just as a regular ring would, and to wear it for 24 hours to see how it feels during the day, over night and first thing in the morning.

Ring size gauges

One of the most common, low cost ways to measure your ring size at home is to either order or print out a strip to pull over your finger and measure the lower part below the knuckle. While a good indication, it's not going to be 100% accurate, especially if you have larger knuckles. These gauges also won't give you any indication of comfort.

Ring size gauges - measure your finger in US sizes


Professional size gauge sets

Although these are impractical for wearing over-night, a full set of metal gauges will give you the most accurate ring size for your finger. Both these and the lower cost gauges can be found on Amazon for a few dollars.

Ring size gauges - accurate at-home finger measure



Ring Size FAQs

What should I do if I'm between two ring sizes?

If you find yourself between standard ring sizes, don't worry! Many jewelers, including us, offer 1/2 and even 1/4 sizes. When in doubt, we recommend opting for the slightly larger size to ensure everyday comfort.

How does temperature affect my ring size?

Indeed, temperature can affect your ring size. You'll often find that your fingers swell in warmer weather or after exercise and sleep. Keep this in mind when taking measurements, especially during the warmer months.

Can I resize a ring made of gold or platinum?

Both gold and platinum rings can generally be resized. However, the design of the ring plays a crucial role. While simple designs can usually be adjusted without issue, intricate designs like eternity rings may pose challenges and may not be resizable once crafted.

How should a properly sized ring fit on my finger?

The ideal ring should slide onto your finger with relative ease but require a bit more effort to remove. This is a good at-home test to make sure you've got the right fit.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when measuring ring size?

Common sizing mistakes include not accounting for natural finger swelling or using inaccurate measuring methods, like string or printed size guides. Always aim for a more reliable measuring technique to ensure a perfect fit.

Do wide-band rings require different sizing?

If you're considering a wide-band ring, it's best to size up by 1/4 to 1/2 of a US size compared to your regular or thin ring size. This adjustment helps accommodate the extra width for a more comfortable fit.