Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

Clarity enhancement diamond treatment - before and after


Diamonds are typically graded by their carat weight, cut, color and clarity. The clarity grading refers to naturally occurring internal imperfections in the stone such as black carbon spots, feathers, crystals and other inclusions that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Only the rarest of natural diamonds may be considered ‘flawless’ and have no such imperfections, even under magnification.

As we go down the clarity scale, it becomes easier to see undesirable eye sores. The clarity enhancement process takes such visibly less-than-perfect naturally mined diamonds and makes them more aesthetically pleasing.



Are clarity enhanced diamonds real?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real, mined, natural diamonds that have been treated to improve their visual appearance. As CE diamonds are naturally lower in clarity than their final appearance, their cost is therefore more affordable when compared to untreated, naturally high clarity diamonds.

So what does clarity enhanced mean for the diamond?
There are two main methods for clarity enhancing a diamond:


Diamond filling

This is the most common method for treating a diamond, however only a small percentage of diamonds are suitable, depending on the types and positions of the diamond’s inclusions. Essentially, this method fills feathers in the diamond with a clear silicone based material that mimics the refractive appearance of diamonds, making the inclusion invisible to the eye.

Diamond laser treatment

This clarity enhancement treatment is usually used on black carbon spots (that no-one wants to see in their diamond!) that can’t be cloaked by filling. These naturally formed carbon spots are permanently removed by laser for a higher clarity diamond.

Clarity enhanced diamonds pros and cons

  • No visible difference in appearance or quality, compared with natural, untreated diamonds
  • Higher carat weight for any given budget
  • Higher quality for any given budget
  • Real, naturally mined diamonds
  • Significant savings for like-on-like comparison to a non-treated diamond
  • Great investment as popularity for CE diamonds continues to increase


  • Filling treatment can be damaged under extreme heat or with corrosive materials
  • Must notify any jeweler working on cleaning, repairing or resizing your ring to take care not to damage the filling*
  • Psychological issue with having a 'treated' stone

* Should the enhancement get damaged, this does not damage the diamond. Simply the stone would need to be re-enhanced under its lifetime warranty (issued as standard by Shiree Odiz).

Clarity enhanced diamond durability

One of the myths surrounding clarity enhanced diamonds is how durable is a clarity enhanced diamond? This may be due to the technical name given to the clarity enhancement process, which is ‘fracture filling’. The misconception is that the diamonds are therefore broken or cracked in some way. This is not the case. Rather this is describing the filling of naturally occurring feathers in the stone. As nothing is taken away from the diamond and it can be returned to its original ‘natural’ state at any time, a clarity enhanced diamond is just as durable as an untreated diamond.

How long do clarity enhanced diamonds last?

The enhancement itself can and will last a lifetime with the exact appearance as the day you received it. This, however, is as long as it’s not exposed to corrosive materials or extreme heat - neither of which you would expose your hands to. The most common reason for the enhancement to be damaged is when a jeweler works on your ring, for example to resize a ring, and doesn’t know that the diamond has been enhanced.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds less valuable?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are priced around the price of the diamond in its pretreatment state. That means that once the diamond has been clarity enhanced and its appearance is comparable to a higher grade natural diamond, the price and value are going to be comparably lower. For example, if the diamond were I1 originally, it will be priced and valued as a I1 diamond and not as a VS2 enhanced diamond that it may become once treated.


Should you buy a clarity enhanced diamond?

We sell clarity enhanced diamonds and have done so since 2006 with thousands of glowing reviews. We choose to do so because we believe in it as a product and its value for money when looking at jewelry primarily from an aesthetics perspective. We see this as one of the most important purposes of fine jewelry and jewelry design. Clarity enhanced diamonds have some drawbacks as they are naturally lower grade diamonds (hence the lower price), but offer one of the best ways to get a larger and more beautiful, natural diamond on a budget.

You will undoubtedly read aggressively negative and biased guides by top affiliates that refer to (and profit from) the largest online brands. This is due to the fact that they want to promote their products over any alternatives. They do this throughout their websites through fear mongering that always leads back to the same recommendation of choosing one of the same two websites they are affiliated with.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are more difficult to source as not all diamonds are suitable for the process - making them a more niche and boutique offering.

Compare diamond types


100% Natural

Clarity Enhanced Natural

Lab Grown

Real Diamond?





Earth mined

Earth mined


Quality Range

Highest to lowest

High to low

Highest to medium










Depends on the 4 Cs quality grading

Same as 100% natural of same grade

Same as 100% natural of same grade

Does GIA certify?


No, as the grading has been altered


Can be certified by other labs









What is the meaning of surface pretreatment of diamonds?

Surface pretreatment of diamonds refers to the process of enhancing the appearance and overall quality of a diamond by modifying its outer layer. Unlike clarity enhanced diamonds, which involve internal modifications to improve their visual appeal, surface pretreatment focuses on enhancing the diamond's external features. This treatment method involves various techniques such as laser drilling, laser etching, and coating.

The primary purpose of surface pretreatment is to minimize or remove blemishes, scratches, or discolorations present on the diamond's surface. By refining the outer layer, surface pretreatment enhances the diamond's brilliance, clarity, and overall aesthetic appeal. It is essential to note that while surface pretreatment improves a diamond's visual qualities, it does not alter its inherent clarity characteristics, unlike clarity enhanced diamonds which involve modifications within the stone. Surface pretreatment is a popular option for diamond owners who wish to enhance their stones' natural beauty without compromising the diamond's internal integrity.


How to care for clarity enhanced diamonds

Clarity enhanced diamonds should be cared for just like any other diamond. If you own a clarity enhanced diamond, like any diamond, it will collect dust and oils over time which can cause your jewelry to lose its shine. To remove this from the surface of your diamond and jewelry, you can have it professionally cleaned by a local jeweler with an ultrasonic cleaner. The jewelry is placed in a bath of soapy water and then ultrasonic vibrations will gently shake the dirt off. If small stones are already loose in your setting, this can cause them to fall out, so it’s recommended to have it inspected and tightened as needed beforehand.

The most convenient way to clean your jewelry is simply at home with some dish soap, warm (not hot) water and a soft toothbrush. With CE diamonds you should not expose your jewelry to extreme heat or corrosive cleaning materials. If you would like a goldsmith to work on your jewelry, for example to resize a ring or repair anything that requires a burner, you should inform them that your diamond is clarity enhanced.


CE Diamond FAQs


Are clarity enhanced diamonds genuine diamonds?

Yes, they are authentic, earth-mined diamonds. The main difference is that they naturally have clarity imperfections, such as feathers, which are made virtually invisible through a specialized enhancement process.

Can you tell if a diamond is clarity enhanced without specialized equipment?

To the naked eye, a clarity enhanced diamond appears identical to an untreated one. Only experts using 10x magnification can identify them. It's worth noting that in rare cases, the enhancement may cause light to refract in pink, blue, or yellow hues along the imperfection. At Shiree Odiz, we avoid diamonds that display this rare 'flashing' effect.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds more affordable than non-enhanced diamonds?

Technically, a clarity enhanced diamond starts at the same price point as an untreated diamond of the same pre-enhancement quality. The key advantage is that the enhancement locks in this price while significantly improving the diamond's appearance. So, when compared to a naturally clearer diamond, a clarity enhanced diamond offers exceptional aesthetic value at a more budget-friendly cost.

Is it possible to resize or reset a clarity enhanced diamond?

Absolutely, but you must inform your jeweler that the diamond is enhanced. Special precautions like using protective putty or applying heat underwater will be taken to prevent any damage.

Do clarity enhanced diamonds come with a grading certificate?

Yes, they do. Most reputable grading organizations will certify enhanced diamonds. While the GIA will authenticate them, it doesn't grade them on the 4 Cs because clarity enhancements are technically reversible.

Can clarity enhancements wear off or deteriorate over time?

The enhancements are remarkably durable and designed to last a lifetime under normal conditions. However, extreme heat or exposure to corrosive materials could compromise them. Rest assured, Shiree Odiz offers a lifetime warranty on all our clarity enhanced diamonds.