We're not just committed to your happiness today—we're committed to it for a lifetime. That's why Shiree Odiz offers a Lifetime Upgrade option on all our jewelry. We believe so deeply in the enduring value of our pieces that we provide you the opportunity to elevate your jewelry over time.


Upgrade With 100% Trade-in Value

When you're ready to upgrade, you'll receive the full value of your original purchase as store credit, applicable on a new piece that is at least twice the price of the original. For example, if your initial purchase was $1,500, you can upgrade to a $3,000 piece and only pay the difference of $1,500.

Note: This generous offer does not apply to custom-designed or custom-priced pieces.

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a promotion, or simply because you deserve it, upgrading your Shiree Odiz jewelry is a seamless and rewarding experience.