Round cut rings have a long standing history, which can be traced back as early as 1750. The round diamond shape, however, was perfected when the bruting machine was invented in the 1873 by Henry Morse. Since then, it became easier for diamond cutters to come out with shapes of diamonds in the round. The rise in popularity of round cut diamond rings can be attributed, however, to Marcel Tolkowsky for his publication on diamond design creating a tradition wherein a round cut diamond setting is used for an engagement ring as well as in stylized type of wedding ring.

Round cut engagement rings are considered to make out 75% of Êengagement ring diamond cut proving its universality and popularity among diamond cutters and jewelers. Known also at the brilliant cut, a modern round cut diamond engagement ring has 58 facets or 57 in the case where the culet is not included.ÊOur collection of round cut engagement ring comes in varying designs by Shiree. Together with a team of expert diamond cutters and craftsmen, we bring an old classic cut to the modern world.