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Which Diamond Color Should I Choose?
The GIA grades diamond color from D-Z, from completely colorless to heavily tinted yellow or brown. It's very difficult to tell high quality D-H diamonds apart in regular light and in their setting, so diamonds are graded loose and under lab conditions of fluorescent white light.

The 'face' of a diamond is significantly whiter than how it appears on its side, due to the dazzling light that sparkles out of the top. In most cases, for a top quality looking diamond, G-H colored diamonds are recommended for best value for money.

Colorless Diamonds 

D-E-F Color 
The rarest and most desirable diamonds are in the colorless D-F range where even under lab conditions, these diamonds are completely 'white'. These diamonds are recommended when purchasing white gold and platinum jewelry, especially when there are small diamond accents.

Near-Colorless Diamonds

G-H-I Color 
Near-colorless diamonds will still have a white face up and any difference from colorless grade diamonds will only be noticeable in a lab. G-I diamonds are recommended for all jewelry for best value for money.

Tinted Diamonds 
J-K-L Color 
Very slightly tinted diamonds will have a warmer, white face and are recommended when set in yellow gold jewelry for a completely white look.

M-Z Color 

Tinted diamonds tend to be best for either yellow gold or when a fancy color is desired.