We take pride and care in ensuring that every diamond we sell is sourced from only legitimate sources. Diamonds purchased from Shiree Odiz are guaranteed to be conflict-free diamonds in compliance with the Patriot Act, Kimberley Process and various United Nations resolutions. Every supply source of Shiree Odiz is hand picked under the strictest internal guidelines and we only purchase diamonds from members of the world's leading diamond exchanges in Belgium, India, Israel and New York. Professional members of the trade are accepted after stringent background checks, multiple member referrals and periodic checks, ensuring that conflict or 'blood diamonds' stay out.


More than conflict free

In addition to ensuring our natural diamonds are conflict free, we go further than that. Each supplier we work with is personally vetted, visited and researched. We ensure that we buy from genuinely good people that treat their workers and their communities with respect. For this reason, we only work with a handful of chosen suppliers for both our natural and lab grown diamonds.


What are conflict diamonds?

Conflict or Blood Diamonds are diamonds sold to fund conflict, civil war and terrorism as well as slave labor in many African countries. Blood diamonds have been known to fund civil war in Ivory Coast, armed conflict in Liberia, Congo and Angola as well as funding terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah. Beyond the natural human empathy and efforts to prevent funding violence and terrorism, for us this effort is personal. With family, offices, suppliers and team members based in Israel, we have enhanced sensitivity to any risk of directly or inadvertently supporting any such groups in any way. 

The United Nations officially recognized the severity of the conflict diamond trade in 1998 and in 2002 the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme was launched. The Kimberly Process is a system of record keeping and certification, tracing every stone from its origin in its raw state, all the way to its final destination as a polished diamond. Public awareness of the issue of conflict diamonds was enhanced with the release of the successful Leonardo DiCaprio movie Blood Diamond.