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We started Shiree Odiz to match high-end aesthetics with ethics and affordability we’d be proud to offer our own friends and family. 

Shiree Odiz & Daniel Setton

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Our Beginning

Since 2006,  we’ve been trusted with the most personal and emotional moments in our customers’ lives.  That makes us feel like family. To this day, our founders personally listen to and advise our valued customers and inspect every piece we craft.

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Our Craftsmanship

Our early days began investing in the design of our collections, obsessing about style and craft details slowly and meticulously. We combined our in-house design, hand-selected diamonds and a team of veteran goldsmith and diamond setting masters, delivering the quality and value for money we had promised ourselves.

Our Future

All our jewelry is, and will be, made to order.

That means higher quality, ethical sourcing, fairer pricing and more personal service. This is our commitment to you today and beyond.

Meet Shiree Odiz

Founder & Head Designer

New York jewelry designer Shiree Odiz

My father and grandfather were both diamond dealers and so from a young age I was exposed to the world of precious gems and fine jewelry. While the stones were beautiful, they didn’t do much for me... until they were set in the jewelry. That was inspirational, even magic!

Growing up, I developed a deep passion for the craft of jewelry design and the endless possibilities for these tiny works of art. I went on to study jewelry design but my real education was when working with ex-Tiffany & Co. and Cartier master goldsmiths, diamond setters and designers. I worked on pieces that would go to super-high-end brands or directly to billionaire oligarchs.

With my own knowledge, direct access to the diamond trade and the ability to reach out directly on the internet, I realized that designer fine jewelry didn’t need to only be for the ultra-wealthy. After getting married and designing my own engagement ring, I started working with private clientele to create custom-made fine jewelry that was superior in quality and design to the mass-made jewelry available at the retail chains and significantly more affordable than the famous designer brands and boutiques.

Personal Care

We listen to you and provide professional, tailored and unbiased advice.

Plus, when you reach out to us, you’ll speak to an expert, not customer support.

Frequently asked questions

Who designs your jewelry?

All of our jewelry is exclusively designed by our head designer, Shiree Odiz and her team. Our designs are contemporary and timeless with familiar features but with extra care and attention to the smallest of details. To achieve the highest level of aesthetic, we've considered every angle and measurement of our jewelry to be proportionally perfect to the stones, comfortable and durable.

Are you a reputable store?

Since 2006 we've delivered thousands of gold, platinum and diamond jewelry orders to customers across the US and the world. We're proud to say that we have a 99% satisfaction rating with thousands of online reviews and zero BBB complaints since our foundation. Check out some of our customer testimonials here.

Are you a licensed member of the diamond trade?

We're 3rd generation in the diamond trade and are licensed jewelers for the purchase of precious metals and gemstones. We are committed to strict AML and trade norms and regulations, ensuring safe and ethical sourcing of all our raw materials.

Is it possible to speak to you over the phone?

Our preferred method of communication is chat or email, for the simple reason that it's easier for both sides to refer back to. Jewelry and especially diamonds can be both expensive and include technical details. We also like to send photos and videos of diamonds, jewelry and certification when useful or requested. However, if you're unsure of something and would like to speak to us over the phone, please feel free to call us on 1-800-344-4888.

Can I visit you?

You're welcome to visit our Fifth Avenue location to collect, adjust or repair your jewelry. However, as we make all our jewelry to order and as a primarily online brand, we don't have a showroom or inventory of jewelry on display. Our choice not to have a physical store allows us to stay true to our values, offering made-to-order, high-end, sustainable fine jewelry at affordable prices.

Still need some assistance?
Check out our FAQs or reach out to us for help.