Shiree was born in New York, and growing up in a family immersed in the diamond industry she naturally cultivated a discerning eye for diamond artistry. Her professional journey began at age 21, working closely with her father Abraham and grandfather Gavriel (center of photograph), both diamond dealers, learning the world of diamond cutting and quality.


3rd Generation Diamond Dealers - New York

“While the stones were beautiful, they didn’t do much for me... until they were set in the jewelry. That was inspirational, even magic!”



In the early 2000s, Shiree enrolled at the Inbar Jewelry School, but her real education came afterwards under the mentorship of expert craftsmen from Tiffany & Co and Cartier. There she was hands-on with every stage of the design process from wax modeling, goldsmith polishing and diamond setting - refining her skills while opening her eyes to true mastery.


Shiree Odiz Jewelry Designer In Workshop




2006 brought her partnership with Daniel Setton, founding the Shiree Odiz online brand. With a passion for classic design they focused exclusively on solitaire engagement rings, the ultimate piece made for a lifetime.


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By personally listening to women that enjoy wearing her jewelry and couples before and after their engagement, Shiree meticulously focuses on often overlooked elements, refining and re-inventing classic, timeless designs.

With an open mind to experimentation, combined with shared values and a deep understanding of the practical needs of her customers, we design and craft with comfort, durability, ethics and aesthetics in mind.

The mission is simple. A collection of diamond jewelry that can be enjoyed every day, for life.

Shiree Odiz Diamond Jewelry Design


Despite her love for wax modeling, a hands-on, artistic process, Shiree transitioned CAD technology. The enhanced precision brought her designs to life with an unwavering commitment to consistent quality, a more sustainable approach with less waste and enhanced security for the diamonds.

Diamond Curved Pavé Wedding Band


Our family of customers are the heart of everything we do. You’re an integral part of our design process, our service and our joy.

Over nearly two decades, Shiree and Daniel have upheld a tradition of personal engagement with their clients. This dedication to listening and understanding their customers firsthand has not only fostered trust but enabled us to refine our designs continually, marrying comfort with durability, sustainability with aesthetics.

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Understanding the challenges couples face during engagement ring selection led to the inception of "Sure Story" (coming soon). Their mission was to solve the intuitively impossible task of it being both a romantic surprise and the ‘perfect’ design.

Sure Story Yes Box by Shiree Odiz



We'd love to hear from you. You can reach out directly to our founders Shiree and Daniel via email on hello@shireeodiz.com, DM on Instagram or via Facebook. For collaborations, apply here.