A pear shaped engagement ring may not get the same attention as other diamond cuts but those searching for a truly unique engagement ring will find what they are looking for. Ideal pear shaped engagement rings are difficult to find especially those with a perfect symmetry and proper roundness to the bottom, thus the relative rareness of this cut. Always worn with the pointed part towards the wearer, pear shaped diamonds appeal to women looking for a diamond shape that combines the elegance of a round and length of the marquise cut.

Most women choose this cut for their engagement ring because of the elongated form giving the ring an illusion of length. One will also find that pear shaped diamond engagement rings when worn flatter the fingers, accentuating the length of oneÕs hand.

Discover the splendor and luxury brought by a pear shaped diamond. Our collection of pear shaped engagement rings are paired with white gold, yellow gold and platinum displaying stunningly cut conflict free diamonds, also available in varying settings including halo.Ê