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Are you looking for a diamond cut for your engagement ring that has an old world charm? Our collection of cushion cut engagement rings might be the answer to what you are looking for.

Cushion cut rings have a square diamond shape with rounded corners usually referred to as the “old mine cut.” It is called as such because cushion cut diamond rings belong to the history books, with this particular diamond setting dating back to the 1700s.  A cushion cut or “pillow cut” was not only used for an engagement ring or a wedding ring but in all forms of jewelry in the olden days. Like how rounded shapes of diamonds are very known today, cushion cut used to be the most commonly preferred cut for diamond settings until the 19th century.

Our collection of cushion cut diamond engagement ring is our endeavor to reintroduce and reinvent a classic cut to fit a contemporary lifestyle. Using our expertise in the field of diamond engagement jewelry, we present to you cushion cut rings made to make you feel special and to let you stand out from the rest of the crowd.