Clarity Enhanced Diamond Rings

Finding the ideal engagement jewelry for your loved one takes time, which includes researching about the style , design and of course setting the budget that is right up your alley. As the person who will be doing the asking , we know you want your proposal to be a meaningful and unforgettable experience for the both of you, with an affordable engagement ring to witness this momentous event. As such, we at Shiree Odiz offer a gorgeous collection of clarity enhanced diamond rings at a sale price you cannot resist.

You might be wondering what are clarity enhanced diamonds and their difference with other natural diamonds we offer on sale. For sure, clarity enhanced diamond engagement rings are real diamonds too. However, these diamonds underwent a certain type of treatment to help enhance the look of a loose natural diamond. To be exact, a clarity enhanced diamond ring may undergo laser drilling or fracture drilling to remove inclusions or in layman’s term, imperfections in a natural diamond. By using these methods a diamond’s clarity, which is among the 4cs by which a stone is graded, is improved; hence the name clarity engagement rings. Granting you are looking for the cheapest engagement ring that is still unique and divine as the recipient, do consider purchasing from our collection of enhanced diamond engagement on clearance. Delight on the discount we offer while bagging an exclusively designed ring from Shiree Odiz.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Rings

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