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An emerald cut diamond may not be as popular as the round brilliant cut diamond but the rarity of this cut because of its distinct feature makes it a great diamond ring. Being so, women on the look out for an engagement ring or a wedding ring that’s unique and affordable all together are in for a treat.

The physical attractiveness of an emerald diamond comes from the step cuts of the stone’s pavilion. The top area of emerald cut diamonds is larger compared with others, showcasing an open table surface. As a result, emerald diamonds appear much bigger even when a diamond is of low carat. This makes the emerald cut the top choice for those in search of settings and diamond styles that focuses on the size appearance.

The focus of loose emerald cut diamonds is based on greater surface area, which in turn may cause a diamond to suffer from lesser clarity. However, purchasing from a trusted and skilled jeweler like us, will prevent you from any disappointments. We are proud of all our conflict free loose emerald diamond, which are all AIG certified.

Whether you plan to purchase a loose diamond for your bridal set or would like them to be used in a full or semi mount style, we can guarantee that our diamonds are only of the highest quality, giving you the best value for your investment.