Engagement rings are believed to be a tradition started by the Egyptians which are then adopted by other civilizations. Commerce and trade gave Western Europe access to diamonds. Since the availability of diamonds were so rare in the past, only the royalty were privileged to wear jewelry with diamond settings. The tradition of using diamond ring settings to show affection carried on throughout different periods, with the first recorded commissioned diamond engagement ring setting by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. The ring was forged in 1477 and was dedicated to Mary of Burgundy, to whom he was betrothed. Since then, the culture of traditional engagement rings proliferated among nobles and aristocrats; leading to the production of new engagement ring styles and mounts.

The philosophy of romantic storytelling inspired us to create a collection with diverse engagement ring settings. Using our experience and expertise in design and production, we offer a multitude of engagement ring mountings with the modern woman in mind. Our designs are influenced by contemporary as well as past aesthetics setting with only the highest standards for every piece. We bring you Classic Engagement Rings, Vintage Engagement Rings, Art Deco Engagement Rings and Antique Engagement Rings that are reminiscent of history. Our Classic Engagement Rings Collection is inspired by the very tradition, which engagement rings represent. For women with an affinity for antiquity, you will fall in love with our wide array of Vintage Engagement Rings as well as with our Antique Engagement Rings. If you’re aesthetics are charmed by history, these collections will no doubt pique your interest. Our vintage engagement rings are an alternative to the real antique jewelry especially for those who are not akin in buying age old pieces. We give you the styles of the past presented through modern eyes. Those leaning towards the artistic vision of  the roaring twenties, the time of flapper dresses, the height of jazz and fans of “The Great Gatsby”, can choose among our Art Deco Engagement Rings Collection.

Time honored settings like Solitaire Engagement Rings are available in varying designs as well as Side stone and 3-stone Engagement Rings. Each collection highlights the exquisite beauty of a diamond stone, with every design refined by expert and skilful hands. The Solitaire Engagement Rings Collection is reinvented without leaving the classic trademark of this style setting. You can also choose among a variety of 3-Stone Engagement Rings in white gold, gold and platinum. Side Stones are another option to the solitaire, wherein hints of smaller diamonds are strategically set on the sides of the ring band. Shiree also created a collection in honor of women who are fascinated by the beauty of Unusual Engagement Rings and Avant Garde Engagement Rings. Both collections provide an option for brides-to-be, appealing to women who value and share in the artistic vision of the our designer. Most importantly, these collections celebrate the uniqueness and open mindedness of a woman, who is willing to try out of the box engagement rings.

Shiree also dedicated a collection exclusive to our brand. Our Designer Engagement Rings sprung from Shiree’s love and passion for designing and creating diamond jewelry, wherein every piece has a story of its own passed down to you. More than just a piece of jewelry, our vision is for you to discover yourself in the array of our designer engagement rings, which we created to tell your love story for all time.


Classic Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings from this collection exude timeless aesthetics meant to showcase your love and commitment for each other. We bring together all time cherished style settings in gold, white gold and platinum with brilliant and stunning conflict free diamonds. Our classic ring is a collection in honor of  tradition and design, a true symbol of one’s eternal commitment.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

There is no question that a solitaire engagement ring will be a treasured style setting from this period to the next as it has always been for many generations. The beauty of this style is the focus given to a single beautiful diamond stone. It is in the simplicity of the setting that gives an air of  sophistication and elegance to this style.

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3-Stone Engagement Rings

As the name suggests, our 3-Stone rings or trilogy engagement rings are composed of three diamonds in contrast to the traditional single diamond seen in solitaires. The diamonds are set alongside each other over a plain or highly decorated ring band in platinum, white gold or gold. We made variations to this style in terms of diamond size, also featuring clear and black stones.

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Vintage Engagement Rings

We take inspiration from history to give you a host of vintage engagement rings with styles and milieu of different periods. These rings, though modernly created, exude the ambient of eras long past. Let each ring bring you back in time. Celebrate the long standing tradition behind the giving of diamond engagement rings with every piece.

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Antique Engagement Rings

Designs of the another period continue to captivate the imagination of Shiree. Dwelling in the relics of the past continue to inspire our brand to bring in a collection, which resonates and appeals to a contemporary outlook while adding a hint of history. Our most recent antique collection is inspired by antique keys, transferring design details of old keys to our engagement rings.


Side Stone Engagement Rings

Our side stone rings have smaller diamond stones strategically placed around the sides of the ring band. A stunningly cut diamond stone in gold, white gold or platinum setting is given accent with smaller diamonds at its sides giving this engagement ring a more glamorous, trendy and fashionable appearance.


Art Deco Engagement Rings

Engagement rings from our Art Deco line is composed of diamond rings reflective of the creative vision cultivated in the 1920s. The styles are distinguishable from others for the use of geometric lines. Women who love the flamboyance, prestige and opulence of the Art Deco period will adore these rings; for in itself, these rings are a statement of their own.

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Designer Engagement Rings

Every ring found in our designer collection is reflective of Shiree’s creative brilliance. These engagement rings are given life by our designer’s acumen in crafting fine jewelry ruminative of her years and experience in the industry. Indulge in the series of designer rings including our “Liquid of Love”, “White Lily” and “ Queen of Hearts. Know that every piece is created from passion and dedication, fitting to be worn with pride.


Unusual Engagement Rings

Apart from our traditional and classic engagement rings, we also offer a collection of chic and trendy non-conventional engagement rings as an alternative to the more popular style settings. Style and uniqueness are combined presenting a series of engagement rings showcasing perfectly cut diamonds suited for non-traditional and cosmopolitan tastes.

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Avant Garde Engagement Rings

Our avant garde rings focus on using fine jewelry as a form of creative expression by Shiree. You will find engagement rings evocative of artistic elements that are personal and intimate. Each design, like our “Odyssey” and “Temptation”, combines the use of precious metals and diamonds to create a jewelry worthy to called as art.


Traditional Engagement Rings

Every love story differ from one couple to the other but the tradition to give engagement rings remain for each. Recognizing this time honoured practice is the foundation of our traditional engagement rings collection featuring the most popular style settings highlighting timeless, conflict free and natural diamonds.