What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Wed, Oct 13, 2021

While searching for that perfect diamond engagement ring you may have come across the term ‘clarity enhanced diamond’. And you might not be aware of what exactly a clarity enhanced diamond is or why you should go for such a diamond. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you with some useful information that would help you understand these diamonds better. Read this guide and clarity enhanced diamonds will no longer be a mystery to you.

What does the clarity of a diamond mean?

The clarity of a diamond is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the quality of a diamond. Both clarity and color are part of the 4 C's of a diamond besides cut and carat. The brilliance and shine of a diamond is dependent on its clarity and cut. Diamonds with very poor clarity are not as bright as others. Low clarity diamonds may have visible imperfections that you can see without magnification. This is the main issue. Once you get past a certain level of clarity, the imperfections will only become visible under magnification and therefore the stones will all look the same to the naked eye. Also, the higher the clarity of a diamond, the greater is its price. It is one of the major factors on which the cost of a diamond is dependent.

What are clarity enhanced diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds that have been specially treated to improve their clarity. These are diamonds that originally had some blemishes but after treatment, they appear perfect. The treatments which are used to improve the clarity of such diamonds are either deep boiled, laser drilled, special laser drilled, or fraction filled. Each of these treatments involves either removing a dark spot of an inclusion, filling in a fracture, or sometimes both.


What is an enhanced diamond?

As the term suggests, an enhanced diamond is a diamond that has been made to improve clarity using specific treatment.

What is ce?

CE refers to clarity enhancement which is done either by deep boiling, laser drilling, special laser drilling, or fracture filling. These are methods that help to make the diamond free of any cavities that are full of black material. These treatments improve the structure and brilliance of the diamond. All these diamond clarity enhancement processes are steady and usually last forever. Let’s briefly understand each of these treatments and know how they impact the quality of diamonds.

  • Deep Boiling

Deep boiling is a method where diamonds are boiled under deep pressure in an acidic solution. This method is used for diamonds that have black cavities appearing on their surface. The method is not helpful if the diamond has any inclusions beneath its surface. This is because deep boiling works only on removing the black material and does not fill any cavity. This method is frequently used in the diamond industry as it is economical and doesn’t impact the value of the diamond.

  • Laser Drilling

This method is used for diamonds that have black inclusions beneath their surface and not on the surface. Here, the laser technique is used to burn a minute hole in the inclusion. After this, the diamond is deep boiled to remove the dark material and clear out the inclusion. The treated diamond appears clear with a lot of brilliance.

  • Special Laser Drilling

This process involves burning a thin layer on the diamond’s surface in order to reach inclusion. Though these thin spots are larger than what is done in laser drill tunnels, these appear more natural.

  • Fracture Filling 

When a small amount of silicon or a similar compound is used to fill the cavity of a diamond, it is called as fracture filling. This method works best for empty cavities as they become almost invisible after they are filled. This has a considerable impact on the brilliance of the diamond as it appears flawless.

In many cases, to enhance the clarity of a diamond, it is first special laser drilled and then fracture filled.  

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – Are there any Pros and Cons?

Clarity enhanced diamonds appear as perfect diamonds. However, there are some pros and cons of these diamonds and knowing them in detail is a must. Let’s take a closer look and understand some points about these clarity enhanced diamonds.


  • Cost
    The biggest benefit of these clarity enhanced diamonds is their price. These are less expensive as compared to non-enhanced diamonds. While the price of high clarity diamonds is too high and often out of budget, these clarity enhanced diamonds look perfect and are still available at a very low cost. These diamonds are a great option if you want diamonds of higher carat at a lower cost.
  • Appearance
    With inclusions removed, these diamonds seem to be clean and have an improved appearance. They are good to look at so if the appearance of the diamond is your top priority, then choosing a clarity enhanced diamond is definitely the right decision.


  • Cleaning
    In case you need to get your clarity enhanced diamond cleaned or repaired, make sure to inform the jeweler that the diamond is clarity enhanced so that the diamond can be handled accordingly.


Clarity enhanced diamonds – Whether to buy or not?

Though there is no single or clear answer to this question and it is completely a matter of personal choice, we believe that wearing clarity enhanced diamonds is a sensible decision. As these diamonds come in various shapes and colors, you have the option to choose from round, princess, oval to cushion. Also, you don’t feel restricted with regards to weight or design. In fact, you get to buy a bigger diamond at a low cost. At Shiree Odiz, we have a huge collection of clarity enhanced diamonds for you to choose from. All clarity enhanced diamonds from Shiree Odiz come with a lifetime guarantee and independent certification.

In short, clarity is one of the most important consideration when selecting a diamond as it offers more brilliance and sparkle to the stone. Clarity enhanced diamonds are an attractive option when it comes to buying a larger naturally mined diamond at a lower price. If you wish to opt for a diamond with a limited budget or you want to upgrade the size and appearance of your existing diamond, clarity enhanced diamonds are just the right choice for you.

So, leave all the apprehensions behind and be assured that a clarity enhanced diamond, even after being treated, is a real, naturally mined diamond. Go for it and enjoy your beautiful clarity enhanced diamond jewelry piece. We are sure that from our clarity enhanced diamond collection you would definitely find your dream diamond. 


December 17, 2023 — Akanksha Arora


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