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Pavé comes from a French word which means “to pave.” The method makes use of smaller diamonds set closely together paving the ring with gemstones. Pavé diamond rings have their own appeal with all the small stones expertly stationed around the ring band giving the fine jewelry an aura of Hollywood glamour. Pavé engagement ring is the ideal engagement ring setting for the fashionable and trendy, reminiscent of both vintage and modern. Among the setting styles, a pavé diamond setting grants an ambience of glitz and glamour.

The popularity of pavé engagement rings can be attributed to the elegance created by the smaller diamonds. These bead-like conflict free diamonds give the ring band accent while channeling focus to the main diamond setting on the center of the ring. Jewelers using this setting technique skillfully drill small holes to where the diamonds, usually between .01 to .02 carats, are inserted. Tiny beads or prongs are then used to set the stones in place. Engagement ring settings with much smaller diamonds stones are called micro-pave setting style.