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You should never confuse the shapes of diamonds with the cut. Diamond shape refers to the general appearance of the stone in an engagement ring while diamond cut speaks of the facets and angles. A diamond’s cut is one of the 4Cs, which stands for color, clarity, carat weight and cut, by which a diamond is evaluated. Among the most popular shapes for a diamond setting is the princess cut engagement ring. The princess cut ring  was introduced in 1980 by Betzalel Ambar and Israel Itzkowitz; relatively new in the diamond world in contrast to the round brilliant diamond cut. Originally, the princess cut diamond engagement ring  has its history from the “French” cut, which was eventually altered to the “Double- French” cut crown. With  series of modifications and alterations in succeeding years, diamond cutters finally produced a “Barion” shape cut, which was renamed to the “princess cut,” as we know of today.

Ever since the introduction of the princess cut diamond rings to the market, the princess cut immediately had a following among soon-to-weds because of the engagement ring’s fancy and unique look; especially when a diamond is a stand alone such as the case in solitaire rings. Unlike the round brilliant cut, unique princess cut engagement rings are conventionally square or rectangular, providing a new choice for an engagement ring that will surely go very well when paired with one's wedding ring.

Our exclusive collection features square princess cut diamonds in a range of most popular princess cut engagement rings including princess cut solitaire engagement rings, vintage princess cut engagement rings, simple princess cut engagement rings as well as unique princess cut diamond ring designs. All of our engagement rings and bridal sets are available in platinum, white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.