1.53 carat E-VS1 Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond

IGI Certified | -EX-EX

$ 1,910.00

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Sustainable, eco-friendly, lab created diamond from our exclusive collection of 1 carat oval lab grown diamonds.

Carat: 1.53 carat
Shape: Oval
Color: E
Clarity: VS1
Certification: IGI
REAL Diamond, Lab Grown

Lab grown diamonds should not be confused with synthetic gemstones, imitation diamonds or moissanite. Lab created diamonds are 100% real diamonds, identical in every way to mined diamonds, except their origin.

They're grown from a small seed of a natural diamond, without the billions of years formation and mining, hence they're a more sustainable and affordable option with no difference in quality, appearance or durability.

Color: E

Colorless. Expert gemologists can detect only tiny traces of color in lab conditions. Rare and high-quality diamond.

Clarity: VS1

Very slightly included. Difficult to see inclusions under 10x magnification. Typically cannot see inclusions with the naked eye.

Cut: EX