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Platinum engagement rings share the spotlight with the infamous gold. Both precious metals are considered to dominate the world of engagement rings and wedding bands. Though gold lovers have the option to choose a white gold ring for a distinct silvery feel, those looking for a lasting pure white color should opt for a platinum engagement ring whether these are platinum engagement rings for him or for her. It is most likely that platinum diamond engagement rings and platinum engagement bands will fade in color as compared to white gold over time. However, platinum with diamond ring will in time develop a patina, which gives the jewelry a vintage matte look. Most women also prefer this colour especially those who are fascinated by antique aesthetics. 

Another distinct factor that comes up when comparing platinum vs gold engagement rings is the price. It is true that unique platinum engagement rings are more expensive because a higher percentage of platinum metal is used; usually at 95% purity. As such, purchasing platinum engagement rings for women is a great investment. On top of this, platinum and diamond ring compliment each other. The whitish colour of a  platinum metal brings out the brilliance of diamond.

Take a look at our unique platinum engagement rings featuring certified conflict free diamonds. Shiree’s creativity and love for designing allow us to provide our customers a wide range of beautiful engagement rings for you to choose from.