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White gold engagement rings have their own appeal and allure. Developed and introduced to the market in the 1920s, the love for white gold engagement rings never abated, remaining a common favorite among women. The luminance of a white gold engagement ring reminds the wearer of modernity and cosmopolitan living brought by the jewelry’s contemporary look and feel.

Gold when mixed with other metals specifically with white metal such as nickel, manganese or palladium, produces the effect we all so adore about white gold. To enhance the silvery effect, rhodium is used as the final outer plating. As an alternative to platinum, 14K white gold jewelry is becoming a better preferred and more reasonable choice, especially for couples on a budget. Paired with a white metal, diamonds shine more brightly. White gold complements a diamond stone like no other. Practicality and glamour combined, our collection includes cheap white gold engagement rings, which include designer engagement pieces from the classic solitaire, princess cut to the elegant halo, tension and pave. All style settings enhancing the beauty of brilliant natural and conflict-free diamonds.