Seal a yes with an affordable engagement ring! An element of preparing for a proposal is purchasing the perfect ring jewelry that will be the symbol of your promise to each other. Integral in your search for an engagement ring is factoring your budget and price range. Fortunately, we have a collection of affordable engagement rings made by expert and passionate crafters, marked under $4000.

We do not want you to feel limited with your choices as such, we prepared an array of affordable diamond rings for you pick from. You can make your engagement memorable and flawless without going over budget by purchasing from any of our on sale, cheap but equally stunning rings, from New York designer, Shiree Odiz. We offer beautiful affordable engagement rings with remarkable diamonds on discount. Choose from a collection of  affordable diamond engagement rings, which also include black diamond and clarity enhanced rings.

Let these engagement rings, affordable and stunning, tell your story of love and commitment. 

Engagement Rings Under $2000

Has your loved one been pining for an engagement ring from Shiree Odiz? If so, her wait is over. Browse through a great selection of jewelry ranging from classic pieces to non-traditional to unusual shapes and settings that will bring you memories of the past and the present. Our engagement rings are fashionable, trendy, exquisite and right on your budget. Our philosophy is to produce unique, one-of- a-kind designer engagement rings, which we manufacture in-house. As such, we cut the middlemen and pass on the great savings to you.

Bring out a priceless smile to her face with the perfect diamond that speaks about her beauty and passion for you.

Engagement Rings Under $1000

Invest in an engagement ring that represents the aesthetics of your significant other and one that she will truly love without going over your intended budget. We have a wide collection of engagement rings under $1000 in different ring styles including the most popular setting like the Solitaire. Halo, Pavé, Art Deco, 3-Stone, Prong and Bezel ring settings are also among the pieces from which you can choose from. We guarantee that every piece is made with artistry and quality in mind, featuring only diamonds radiating with pride. These designs were executed with as much love as you have for the woman of your dreams.

Engagement Rings Under $500

We marked down some of our designer engagement rings to pass on the benefits to you. Each of our engagement rings are born from the creativity of Shiree, only producing well-thought out designs with the wearer in mind. We only offer a collection of beautiful diamond engagement rings with varying prices in accordance to your needs. Diamond in princess cut, round brilliant, pear and the like are available for your picking.

We want you to celebrate your engagement with an elegant ring exclusively designed by Shiree, while you enjoy huge discounts.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Rings

The clarity of a diamond jewelry is one of the 4cs by which a diamond is evaluated. As diamonds travel to the surface of the earth, these stones contain inclusions either internal or external blemishes. Having no inclusions are rare and some of these gem quality diamonds undergo clarity enhancement to improve the stone's physical appearance.

Clarity enhanced diamonds are real diamonds, subjected to a certain level of treatment to give the stones more clarity to produce an eye-clean diamond that’s a fraction of the price. Couples looking for more affordable jewelry at a fixed budget, but prefer a bigger stone should consider purchasing clarity enhanced rings as an alternative.

Cheap Engagement Rings

Ready to pop the question but still undecided on how much you need to spend for an engagement ring? Let your budget dictate your choice. For us, cheap doesn’t mean less. We make sure that every ring is a design we are proud of and one that you’d be happy to offer as a symbol of your love to your significant other. Let your intention merit more value above anything else. With our collection of the most affordable and stunning  rings, you have the luxury of  purchasing a high-end engagement ring without sacrificing beauty and your preferred price range.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond rings are now as in demand as their white diamond counterpart. It is not hard to see why! These collection of engagement rings are the ultimate expression of rarity and sophistication, giving out an aura of both mystery and class. Our black diamond engagement ring is the ideal jewelry for a bride-to-be looking to rise above the crowd. Find one for her from our best selling black diamond designs set in rose gold and white gold and finally hear from her the much awaited "Yes."

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Looking for a stone aside from diamonds? Believe it or not, we know that some women prefer other stones than the most coveted diamonds.There are certainly other gemstone engagement rings we have in store for you designed with love and passion by Shiree. We like adding a mixture of different forms featuring one-of-a-kind gems into our jewelry collection as an alternative to the traditional diamond ring.