How big is a 1 carat diamond?

You're probably aware that carat is a measure of weight and not the size of your diamond. So the actual size of a 1 carat diamond, for example, will depend. 

On what? 

Shape and cut.

Let's take a round diamond. When cut to ideal proportions, you can expect a diameter of around 6.40mm. However, if we have a deep cut, this can reduce the diameter to as little as 6.00mm or less. This may not sound like much, but side by side, there's a significant visible difference. 

Square shapes such as princess, asscher and square cushions and radiants tend to have a smaller 'face up' surface area. Whereas pears, marquise and ovals are more shallow cut shapes with a larger visible size. We have a chart of average sizes for all shapes and carat weights if you'd like to dive into the details.

Now, unless you've seen a lot of diamonds or have a scientifically accurate visual imagination, picturing these millimeter measurements on your or your partner's hand is going to be a challenge. Perhaps the most important questions we should ask are actually:

How does this carat weight look in real life on my hands?


What will this carat weight look like in this ring design?

 Photos and videos of each and every design in every carat weight would be useful to an extent, but you'd still be looking at them through a screen. For example in our carat weight guide, we have every shape and every size on a lady's hand.

However, if you'd like to see a ring design on your own hand, with a specific diamond carat weight, you have 3 choices. Either visit a local store and try on designs there, hoping they have the exact design, carat and price combination that suits you. Alternatively you can order a ring with the option of returning it for an exchange or refund. The final option is to order a 3D printed version of your ring before ordering the real thing! This allows you to see the exact proportions in real life and on your hand. For any of our designs, you may contact us to order such a model. To custom design your ring and order a 3D printed model kit, we recently launched Sure Story


January 11, 2023 — Daniel Setton



Our designer, Daniel Setton, combines ancestral expertise with innovation. Trained by master goldsmiths from Tiffany & Co. and Cartier, she creates jewelry that moves beyond ostentation, focusing on subtleties in classic designs to enhance comfort, durability, and inherent beauty.