Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

While diamonds were scarce in numbers up until the discovery of deposits in South Africa, more women today have access to owning one. Perhaps, the most important and expected type of diamond jewelry for a woman to receive is an engagement ring. Fine jewelry with diamond setting are synonymous to everlasting commitment. The tradition is to present an engagement ring when asking a woman’s hand in marriage. Upon a proposal and the imperative answer “yes”, the road to a new chapter in the couple’s lives are set into motion.

Probably among the most traditional setting styles for engagement rings is the diamond solitaire ring. The style of solitaire diamond rings is defined by a single diamond on a plain band made of precious metals. A solitaire engagement ring is all about classic lines with focus on one brilliant stone. We offer variants for our Solitaire Engagement Rings collection, including those with a vintage setting. This collection is the epitome of simplicity and a timeless emissary of elegance!

Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

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