New Indian Jewelry Collection

New Mandala Jewelry Collection

Fine jewelry collection of unique rings, inspired by mystic mandala symbols. Set in rose gold with black and white diamonds. This designer jewelry collection offers a gorgeous alternative to traditional engagement rings and fine right-hand rings.

Signet Jewelry Collection

Insignia Jewelry Collection

Unique jewelry collection of vintage oriental inspired elements used to craft beautiful statement rings and pendants using gold, diamonds and bold colored enamel. One of our most unique jewelry collections to date.

Vintage Jewelry Collection

Vintage Jewelry Collection

Antique designer jewelry collection taking inspiration from the intricate design elements of antique keys. This unique collection includes vintage engagement rings, earrings and bracelet, set in white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Tribal Diamond Jewelry Collection

Tribal Jewelry Collection

Edgy and modern diamond jewelry collection inspired by tribal tattoos. This stunning jewelry collection uses dazzling white diamonds and natural black diamonds to create bold contrast together with exclusive design craftsmanship.


Each concept jewelry collection starts with a spark of inspiration taken from simple design elements found in simple daily products, in art, culture or history. The jewelry designer's challenge is to use this inspiration in its purest form and build a unique and new collection of jewellery, integrating these elements with classic and practical jewelry design. Although experimental jewelry collections, each piece has been designed for every-day life and modern aesthetics, while keeping in line with the desired look and feel of the concept.  

Shiree Odiz has over 15 years of hands-on fine jewelry design experience and is the 3rd generation in diamond dealers. As the daughter of an artist, her designer jewelry collections are an expression of her creativity, beyond the design of more traditional engagement rings and wedding bands.

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 Jewelry Collection Designer - Shiree Odiz