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Yellow gold engagement rings are by far the most sought after and popular jewelry among women. Historically and in our culture, gold is seen as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Being associated with royalty, gold creates the appeal of a yellow gold engagement ring among brides to be.

Like rose gold and white gold engagement rings, pure yellow gold is commonly mixed with alloy to make gold more stable and durable. Pure gold is too soft and unsteady, therefore the need for this precious metal to be mixed with other metals. The higher the karat of a gold jewelry, the less it performs in the durability department. As such, when choosing among yellow gold diamond engagement rings, purchase ring bands at 18K or 14K yellow gold.

Whether you are looking for cheap white gold engagement rings or leaning towards unique yellow engagement rings, purchase from our wide array of diamond styles; from the classic, vintage and traditional to the modern and contemporary pieces that were born and made out of creativity, passion and craftsmanship.