3 Stone Engagement Rings

Did you know that apart from this engagement ring’s appeal to aesthetics, a 3 stone diamond ring has a deeper meaning? Originally introduced by DeBeers, 3 stone diamond rings are an alternative to the more popular solitaire. The conflict free diamonds used in a three stone engagement ring represent the past, present and future. The largest diamond setting usually placed in the middle, between two smaller diamonds of a 3 stone engagement ring, correspond to the present. Another meaning given to the stones of this fine jewelry refers to the couple’s friendship, love and fidelity.

While having a large stone in the middle is the most common setting style among three stone engagement rings, there are 3 stone diamond rings with equal sized diamonds. The different variations of a 3 stone ring setting are equally sized, traditional graduation and slightly graduated. We offer a wide range of 3 stone diamond ring setting designs crafted in platinum, white gold and gold. Whichever of the setting styles you prefer, a 3 stone setting is a unique engagement ring on its own that tells your story and journey as a couple.

3 Stone Engagement Rings

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